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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Worms, Worms, Worms; who'd a thunk its a very good thing!!

 We have been saving all of our scraps in a bowl with lid for over 2 weeks and boy to holy heaven does the thing stink!! We ran out of that bowl and ended up putting all of it into a Rubbermaid container with lid! Thank goodness for Craigslist and people wanting to get rid of good items for cheap!  We have literally cut down on our trash bags as well. WE only would put out 1 trash bag per week for a family of five that is very impressive in my opinion!! It’s because we are huge recycler’s and we put out 6 bins each week!!  After we got our tumbler we needed to add our smelly goodies and some dirt and a whole bunch of worms. We thought we’d dig up our own worms. But here in North Carolina compared to where I am from Massachusetts it’s physically impossible to dig here. The mud is not mud it’s clay like material and I am completely impressed every day that anything grows here at all. After hitting the back yard looking for moist digging areas, we decided to dig in a nice looking yard scraps pile. As we kept digging we finally saw a worm! Yeah! But then noticed very quickly a yellow jacket! Not good L I told the girls to keep cool if we saw more than one then we hit a nest! Well that took one more dig to realize we did! So off we ran and the girls screamed  and found another location. We went deeper into our back woods and finally found about 5 more! Not a huge find. If I was digging in Mass, boy the mud is so lush with worms it takes nothing to dig a small hole and find a ton of worms! I actually need to buy a box of worms this week!! Crazy ;)
Our trash bags are lasting an extra week with not filling them up with food scrapes and we feel really good about that!  So many wonderful changes in 2 weeks, this adventure or journey has been amazing!
With all this good coming into our lives, we notice our energy level has increased as well. Our children’s school starts very early compared to Mass schools. Sky’s school will start at 7:25 am and Britain and Luke’s school starts at 8:00 am. Due to needing to get the kids up by 6 am to get out of the house by 6:50 we need to make sure we put ourselves first and workout. What an amazing difference our day starts out like when we’ve put ourselves first and worked out. We tend to walk and then break that up with jogging and now on weekends we’ve decided to add biking.  It’s been great getting up the same time or an hour later on the weekend from 5 am to 6 am and then making sure we go to bed same time even on weekend has been so wonderful. We have cut our TV time to almost nil and have made sure we are having a structured time to plan our days effectively! All and all it’s a lot to do at once but small baby steps and just placing action on those decision have made everything come together nicely.
Have you noticed new energy levels? What new activities have you added to your day?   

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