Eating For Energy

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3

Trevor used some leftovers to make breakfast burritos this morning; Onion, mushroom, red peppers, black beans, garlic, and bit of taco seasoning! All this goodness was then wrapped in a flour tortilla.

We were all so excited for our friends July 4th party later that day and had to prepare some meals for it. I made Summertime Succotash from the “The Kind Diet”. This is a very easy recipe and I discovered I loved lima beans!! It’s so funny because the lima beans have always looked awful to me as a kid and I’ve grown up not wanting to even try them. With our new “life change” I have made every food opportunity a good one and just dig in and tryJ.

Skylar decided she wanted to contribute and looked up vegan recipes on her iPhone.  She found plenty of them on You Tube.  She decided on Whole Wheat pasta and vegetables in Marinara Sauce.  I am not too sure of the actual name of the recipe but she and Britain took the initiative to make it and the dish didn’t taste half bad!  It was so much fun to take our new found dishes over to our friend’s home and watch the other guests indulge in our efforts and new found Vegan food lifestyle change! The party was actually tailored to meat-eaters and vegan eaters.  I would say there were more vegans there!  What a wonderful time we had!!

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