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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Trevor, the kids and I are a pretty GREEN Family! We have 6 recycling bins, we have trained the kids to recycle, and they don’t ever throw something away without typically asking “is this recyclable?” We have changed our lawn mower from an engine powered one with gasoline to the “old fashioned” kind that require your arms and legs to move it; a roller lawn mower! We also want to buy a gorgeous green house and grow as much as we can for veggies and hopefully fruit year round and really eat from what we sow!  One of the steps to ensure great veg and fruits is to feed them with their “Super Juice”. Which is in my opinion is all natural, never been filtered,  chlorined to death or any other chemical added to it; A.K.A  RAIN WATER! 

 Trevor and I had set up a rain barrel several months ago and we’ve been using that one but wanted to set up another one. We realized we needed to raise the barrel to aid us in retrieving the water easier. Problem was one barrel was very full and beyond heavy and the other was not. So we decided to empty the first barrel with the kid’s beach buckets and dump the buckets into the other barrel. We made it fun by having a game. We turned the tap “on” and would fill as many buckets as possible without losing a drop and run to the other side of the back deck where the “new barrel” would be attached to the drain pipe. It reminded me of many relay races on field day at school having to empty one bucket of water while running across a field to fill up another one and the team that either emptied the bucket or field the bucket first won!!  That’s what we were doing, so much fun and getting wet in the process!!
After a couple of hours we got the barrels re-established on new concrete blocks for the new height and felt wonderful for accomplishing a small project that will really bring huge rewards for a lifetime!!  It’s amazing how plants, fruit and veg respond to rain water compared to hose water. Give it a try, you’ll notice within a week how much bigger the plant, flower, veg or fruit will become with regular waterings of natural “Super Juice!”  By the way when I say “WE” I really mean Trevor did it all!! Great job Baby!!

What have you done in your home to be more “GREEN”? Have you hooked up some rain barrels? What other suggestions do you have to make your house, inside or out more green! J

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