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Saturday, July 16, 2011


We are still emptying our pantry, fridge and freezer. This is a fairly long process. The fridge not so much as we all know most things will not last more than a week in the fridge. Pantry is forever if you let it and the freezer has a “freezer burn” shelf life too.

Right now I feel our family is at crossroads almost 3 weeks into our new “Life Change”. We still are focused and happy with our new changes and new food discoveries! YUMMY!!!
But we have our “old food” left over and we do not wish to waste. Plus the kids are still in “wean mode”. So we have resolved to eat up all the old food as we slowly build up our freezer and pantry and fresh veggies and fruits as we always have in our fridge. We need to really find and like new vegan recipes, we need to make sure we have the ingredients to just start cooking with ease. We have found many so far that we have posted but we need a ton more.  It’s all about dedication and change and making sure to take it one day at a time; otherwise it feels very overwhelming. Like any new change I would suppose.
So why is temptation a pain in the arse! Or a pain in my arse!! I’ll tell you, we had a whole frozen chicken in the freezer that needed eating up and the kids were more than happy to do it. So we cooked it in our Nuwave (great machine by the way). We also decided to add homemade baked chips (French fries in America but in this house we call them chips the British lingo). After the chicken was done and the delicious sent was over the house and ever so enticing me.  I found it easy to cut it up and not be bothered but ironically the skin was my greatest temptation. I wanted to eat the skin so badly!! I said to Trevor “would it be so bad if I ate the skin!” He said “yes, and Kerri that is the worst part of the bird, just leave it!” I had to distract myself and after a bit my desire/temptation finally waived! 
What have been your temptations cutting old habits and “going vegan”?  What have you done to get past them and not “cheat”?

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