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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Filling the Vegan need for breakfast and busy morning routine!!

Began this morning as we do, up at 5 am to walk/jog a.k.a interval training.  We noticed our energy level is getting better as we are jogging more than walking these days.

 It’s great technology; Trevor has a cool application on his IPhone 4 so we can see how far we walked, jogged, biked etc. We can actually see the route we took via map and see how many hours, minutes, calories, miles etc. we’ve accomplished!! It’s very motivating to have this tech tool as I call it with us on our early morning workouts!!  On our morning exercise walk/jog I am looking forward to coming home and making myself a big bowl of oatmeal with craisins and Agave!! So delicious and filling. A great way to start my “Going Vegan” day.

Trevor is normally up in the shower getting ready and I then need to wake up the kids.  That’s a fun part of my morning as I always say “Good Morgin to ya!!” and then I attack them with kisses and tickles!! I like to hear them all protest getting up but can’t help but laugh till their sides split from the onslaught of my loving zerburts, tickles etc.  The kids are still eating up the Lego my Ego waffles we have left in the freezer and I’ve noticed a change with Sky. She is more interested in eating oatmeal now and loves it! I told her to add the craisins and Agave syrup and she cannot get enough of it! Another step in our baby steps to our new “Life Change!” It make me feel good as a Mom when is actually acting on her own impulses to try new vegan substitutions for our morning breakfast routine! It’s a crazy morning like most families I would imagine, get the kids up, get everyone up and going, dressed, beds made, brush teeth, breakfast (now vegan style) and out the door in time to get 3 kids off to school and for me this year it’s 2 kids in one school in one town and 1 kids to another school in another town! This year will be a challenge but not not doable! 
 If we are all organized and have planned our morning, lunch and dinner’s the weekend before we’ll be well on our way to an sassier transition to our new “life change”. So far it’s been pretty great, interesting, frustrating not to have all the ingredients available to make that new recipe that sounds amazing etc. But with anything it has to be baby steps because for some too much at once is too much and then they stop and we don’t wish to do that. I need to do more research on more vegan breakfast options, snacks and lunches for the kids as these meals are very important each day to get the initial vitamins, nutrients and minerals and oils needed in our daily intake of food.

Had a breakthrough today for dinner!! We introduced the kids to our new found yummy Jasmine Brown Rice.  They ate it up with no complaints and Luke tried it and didn’t mind it. Didn’t exactly love it and wolf it down but at least he attempted to try it. I love that!! I love that they are becoming more open to trying new foods without the fight. They also love the Earthly Balance Butter spread that is gluten free, diary free and taste really good. No joke! Also had a lot of Omega 3 oils in there! It’s great and we noticed we don’t’ use butter as much as we used to before. Now we are enjoying our vegetables steamed without the butter. I am not bothered if they still put the Earthly Balance Butter on their veggies, toast, etc. I just don’t’ want them to over kill it and put too much on. But I am excited; another step to “Going Vegan”!! Very happy is all I gotta say!!!
Any helpful suggestions on your daily breakfast routine? Your daily butter spread, is it Vegan, is there any other Vegan products out there you can suggest for us to try and add it to our new weekly shop?  Comments? We’d love your input as we need all the help we can get with this new “Life Change”. J

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