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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Veganism, what a term! Who’d a thunk a girl from Massachusetts raised on hot dogs, hamburgers, Mac n cheese from a box, baked beans, grill cheeses and my ultimate favorite in this world PIZZA!! A typical 70’s kid would at the age of 37 declare I don’t’ want it anymore! I had no idea this would ever happen. It’s amazing what we are raised on (I had healthier meals too; corn beef & cabbage, pot roast, steak every so, spaghetti and meatballs etc.) and what we see other people eat on a daily basis to be “programmed” as I like to call it as the norm.  But I like our “new norm”. I like the changes I am finding on a daily basis.  I have noticed my size 10 Italian hips which are not that big as I am not 100% Italian but close to it, have slimmed down to a very nice size 8.  I have noticed the cellulite start to disappear and this is a huge miracle and milestone as I have been trying to get rid of it for as long as I have had it and that started around age 15!! So for 22 bloody years it’s been a pain in my arse! Or in this case, my thighs! Ha Ha You’ll read BLOODY every so, it’s being married to my favorite British hubby for almost 16 yrs that has rubbed off on me.
 I’ve noticed my stomach no longer being bloated, my skin on my face and body more radiant, toned and the pigmentation that I am told with every facial that needs to be watched is looking much more even! My hair is just so much healthier, thicker and radiant. I’ve also tried not washing it as much. I am really going as holistic as possible these past 3 yrs.
Anyway, I’ve been more on a holistic kick for several years now and Veganism just makes more sense and flows with my new found beliefs!! I have had “small love” handles as I’d like to call them ever since I gave birth to our last baby Luke; almost 7 yrs ago now. After each pregnancy I would notice my body would ‘re-shape”.  I was always thrilled by the nurses comments on how amazed they were with how flat my stomach became after every birth!  I never had the look that I had a baby after each pregnancy but with Luke my body didn’t “re-shape” as it did with the girls. I noticed it was different and those annoying “small love handles” were not budging. But I tell you what!! They are now! I am literally “re-shaping” My body is looking more to when I was in my early 20’s; before children. Don’t get me wrong I have the stretch marks to prove it on my belly (luckily below the bikini line). But it’s AWESOME!! Since “Going Vegan” officially on July 1st, I have lost.6lbs! I have more energy and I feel and look great!  Trevor has lost weight as well about 7lbs or more; I have noticed the differences too.  He’s been complimented at work and has enjoyed that very much!  
Trevor introduced me to a new IPhone app. It’s a Weight Tracker called Track Weight. The icon is a dark blue outline aruond 2 white feet. You pay $.99 for it, but then you are able to put in your height, weight, age, starting diet date, start weight, goal weight and goal date. You are able to see how much BMI you are and what your fat and water percentage are as well. It’s so much fun to keep track; especially when you are losing weight!!
Have you noticed any body changes, hair changes, skin changes, and overall weight loss since you started your Veganism?

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