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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going Vegan is going good so far...

2nd day of kids tracked in; still have Sky home as she is waiting to start her new school. We’ve been waiting to have all 3 attend. The school is a public charter school. It is a year round school like Britain and Luke's school but instead of 4 tracks (1,2,3,4) it is an extended track 1 and the kids must wear uniforms which Trevor and I love. So this means when our 2 kids are in the other school; Skylar will always be a week apart in the schedule of tracking in and out. Right now our kids are making their “old food” choices for their lunches as we are using up everything in our fridge, freezer and pantry.  Breakfast is also the same right now for them and that upsets me but this is not the easiest transition for the kids and we need them to be “on board” so we are baby stepping it.  At least our homemade and plant based snacks are a fair choice and luckily something our kids will eat. For example: peeled carrots, apple slices, bananas, oranges, and my homemade popcorn. I want to introduce rice to the kids but how do you pack that in a lunch with no refrigeration. Trevor and I really want to take Vegan cooking classes so we may learn more and implement it at home and teach the kids how to “cook vegan” too.
On a good environmental note; our routine with the compost is coming along really well. Daily we take the kitchen scraps to the tumbler composter and giving it several turns. The smell factor from a weeks long filled trash can has decreased incredibly since our new Vegan ways. Our trash bag is staying in our trash bin much longer than a week and we put out only 1 bag a week in our trash barrel outside. This makes me very happy knowing we are doing more than our normal bit to help us become healthier and help aid our planet as well.
What is it like “going vegan” in your house? Any helpful steps you can share? Any advice as to what to pack in our kid’s lunch boxes? Any helpful tips or suggestions would be welcomed! J

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