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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Cheese it’s all around you!! It’s on burgers, lasagna, fries, tacos, nachos, sprinkled on spaghetti, it’s flavoring corn chips, popcorn, pizza and it’s crust!! You name it cheese is everywhere and I think it’s addictive to be honest. I remember giving birth to Luke our last baby #3 and enjoying being home with him. I was set to lose the extra weight I had left from delivery; which was about 6 pounds or so. I remember (7 yrs ago now) eating food that would be acceptable for my weight watchers points and feeling great. I also remember there was always an endless supply of shredded cheddar cheese in the fridge for my husband Trevor. No matter what time of the day it was; I would get something out of the fridge and I would look over to our cheese drawer and I felt as if I had tractor beam. Just like he UFO/Sci-Fi movies where the poor human would get beamed up; happening to me but drawing me to the cheese and wanting a handful and then another. I would grab a small handful, and think nothing of it. I would do this over and over again. So when I would weigh myself every Friday morning, naked on the scale I would get very frustrated that I maybe lost a pound but had worked out 5 days in the week, drank a ton of water and watched what I ate! Or was I?

I never ever would write the points down for eating several handfuls of cheese throughout the day! So the reason I am telling you this story is fast forward 7 yrs and now we are “Going Vegan” all of us.  The kids have been begging me to take them to our favorite pizza joint, called Bella Italia.  I have been saying no but tonight was different. The kid’s schools were running a fundraiser there and it’s hard to say no to helping out your child’s school. So I made a last minute decision to go there and have whatever vegan dish they had or what I could make up with the sides etc.

Well looking at all the pizza’s being eaten.  I was getting that “cheese craving”! I kept saying in my head NO, I need to stick to my new beliefs and new vegan diet! Well Skylar was watching me and she said, Mom if we are having our last Bella Italia pizza; so should you. That was it! I am like she’s right, it’s only been a month and I’ve been so good, not having any diary, eggs or milk! I deserve to have a proper good bye to my most beloved pizza! So I ate about 3 slices and OMG was that the best pizza ever!! The sauce, crust and OMG the cheese!! So delicious!! But can I also tell you that within about 20 mins or so of eating this gorgeous pizza, my stomach began to churn, I started to feel nauseous and then a hell of a headache started!  I guess the best way to describe it was “food poisoning!”  I mean think about it; I have detoxed my body for almost a month now, I have watched everything I’ve been eating to the wire and making sure it’s dairy, egg and milk free. And for one moment I give in and eat not one but 3 slices full of that gorgeous melted cheese!!
So not worth it, I am typing this with a sensation of a bad hangover! I feel absolutely terrible! I just want to go to bed and sleep it off!  Well I guess this is one “proper goodbye” for an old favorite food, I’ll never forget!!
Have any of you experienced anything similar to my “pizza poisoning?” Any slip ups with your favorite food, what were your symptoms and how did you make yourself feel better? Or did you just deal and sleep it off?

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