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Monday, July 11, 2011

First Stage of a NEW Routine Change!!

Big day today!! Our 2 out of 3 children Britain and Luke (our 2nd daughter and son) go to school today!! They are very excited and eager to go!! I am too, 4 weeks is a lot of wonderful time with them for their “summer break” but I do look forward to our “normal routine” of them going to school and me going back to my routine as well. Just in case you’ve been wondering, I stopped working for Corporate 11 years ago after Sky turned a year. I have had many many home based businesses trying to earn extra cash and help out as much as I could as well as add to our family and raise them. I have been in sales for the most part as most home based businesses are. That is why I thought Real Estate would be a natural transition to enter back into the work place. I have worked very hard since the end of January of this year to earn my Real Estate License! After a lot of hard work I recieved my Real Estate License May 30th! 

 The kids tracked out on Friday, June 10th and have been home ever since. (Side note: Tracking out is a part of the language you’ll hear quite a bit. Our kids attend a non-traditional school. It’s called year round. Our kids attend 180 days just like traditional schools. The only difference is they are in school for 9 weeks straight and then are tracked out for 3 weeks giving them and their teachers a break. We absolutely love this schedule!! As a family can go on more vacations throughout the year. Vacations are almost halved due to the fact we go during “off season prices”. We also only have our kids home during the hottest months here in North Carolina for 4 weeks as their summer break and back to buses and school with AC for most of the day. I feel the kids, parents and teachers win. It’s a break for everyone and then all are refreshed to go back after 3 weeks).
 Well I have two out of 3 going back today!!  Sky's new Charter School starts July 18th. I know I’ve expressed this before but it is a concern of mine. I want to “wean” our kids off of our “old food choices” and do this gradually so they do not protest. I know Trevor and I will have self-control because we’ve read and done the research as to why we wanted to go Vegan. But the kids have not, they are being “told” they have to go vegan. Which I feel is right and what our rights of being their parents is all about. But at the same time it’s now our “own programming” of what we feel is right compared to what we already “programmed” them how to eat since day one.  This will take some time. Not to mention their temptations they’ll have to deal with. Other kids lunches, hot lunch and snacks. As well as a lot of birthday parties and celebrations throughout the year. We really have to instruct them with a lot of knowledge to be able to help with that self-control.  I think having them come shopping with us and witnessing our new food choices, they also love the Trader Joe’s store and get excited about going with us. Also including them in our cooking times for breakfast, lunch and dinner with help them be involved and change as well.
Have any of you come across this problem yet, any suggestions or comments? Tell us what you’re thinking J

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