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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

4th day on our new “life change” vegan diet and it feels like our life is very INDEPENDENT  and free of radicals, hormones, dairy, meats, preservatives and every other bad thing put into our animals and dairy and some pesticides too!! I can feel the changes already.  The kids are asking for the old stuff; it’s probably going to take a while to retrain their pallet.

We enjoyed several hours at the pool today before a huge thunder storm came in.  I made some homemade popcorn.  I just pop the corn in a big pot with some vegetable oil and shake the pot back and forth like the old jiffy pop you used to use on the stove top.  Then after it’s popped, transfer it from the big pot to a brown paper bag and shake with Sea Salt. Very delicious!! We no longer use our microwave and haven’t for years. The turntable stopped turning about a year after we moved in. We decided the microwave was bad for us anyway and have been re-heating old fashion style in a pot over the stove or in the oven for years now. We also had sliced strawberries, craisins, and a container of sea salt roasted peanuts! It’s refreshing eating healthy snacks too.

This dinner was very interesting. We had Portabello mushroom burgers and served the kids Lightlife-Smartdogs (veggie protein links) on hot dog rolls. Trevor grilled them (not recommended by the directions) and boiled some links as well. Boiling was nicer but grilling made the dogs shrivel up and dry out. Skylar, Britain & Luke tried the veggie dogs and disliked them after a few bites/chews. Britain spit hers out on her napkin. Luke and Skylar said they wanted to throw up! I thought they were being dramatic but I took a bite and spit it out as well.  The Lightlife Smartdogs didn’t taste or smell good.  We won’t be getting those again.

We made some baked French Fries to go with our Burgers/Hot Dogs; sliced up potatoes tossed in a little olive oil with some sprinkled sea salt and cooked on our Pampered Chef stone, and used up the leftover baked beans and Succotash.

The grilled Portobello mushroom burgers were gorgeous, much nicer and lighter than our old Bubba burgers.  Trevor didn’t even feel the need to add ketchup to his.

We finished the meal with fresh fruit salad for dessert. I sliced up fresh, delicious kiwi, blackberries and strawberries…YUMMY!!!

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