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Monday, July 18, 2011


Our day started with a very eager 7th grader to be!! Sky finally started her new Charter School with uniform today!! She totally rocked her uniform and is so gorgeous just like our other two gorgeous kids! I feel they all should be models!
As I was driving them all to school today I reminded them to not share their lunches or snacks  to or from the other kids. We will have to remind the kids every so until I know we are good to go and rocking our new vegan lifestyle.
When we applied for the past two years to be accepted to the Charter school for Skylar, Britain and Luke, I thought it was so cool to not see the “junk food” vending machines or Soda machines. That says a lot about the school. But to see “Got Milk” vending machines, full of Vitamin D milk; water as well, it was awesome and makes you think what other schools “are truly capable” of setting up and have sold on campus for the good of the kids and teachers. I was very impressed with this.  Now that we are “Going Vegan” I need to remind Sky, Luke and Britain that they cannot have milk anymore or share drinks and just go for water.  Even though I am 100% committed to changing our diets and the kids diet to vegan; I still have guilty feelings knowing they are going to have it harder as kids and especially with all the temptations in school. I really do feel torn but their health is far more important than allowing it to happen.

I’ve just started reading “The China Study” a couple of weeks ago now. “The China Study” is by author T. Colin Campbell, PHD and his son Thomas M. Campbell II.  It’s a very good and informative read!! The scientific studies and results will floor you!!  With our new found beliefs and “life change” attitudes we need to read up on all the information as possible. Just like education in school, we can never have enough learning as we get older. Information is truly Power!!

What do you read about Veganism; what are your fav’s and why? Any great books you would like to recommend? Any helpful hints on how to keep your kids vegan in school with all those temptations?

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