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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vegan Substitues and A Trip to our Local Farmers Market!

Last weekend we tried our 1st vegan brunch. It was so good we decided to do it every Saturday. So we made our 2nd vegan brunch!!  Trevor sliced new potatoes and baked them to make potato chips. Covered in a light coating of Sea Salt and Olive Oil! So Yummy!! Sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, Heinz baked beans and Morning Star sausages (these sausages are loved so much and consumed so readily!!). I also made homemade pancakes for the kids. The substitutes are necessary for the Betty Crocker Recipe. I didn’t know but found out due to “Google!” you can substitute eggs with banana or apple sauce. For every egg you can substitute 1 banana and/or 1 cup of applesauce.  I wanted to make the pancakes as “VEGAN” as possible. We do not have wheat flour as of yet so we are using up our regular all-purpose flour.  For milk I substituted Almond Milk; really delicious!! You all must try it! The kids are finally hooked!  After mixing all the ingredients I found the pancakes consistency was different but nice.  The batter tasted delicious and sweet.  Britain and Luke wanted plain but it tasted like banana baby food and smelt like it too!!  Since we were out of apples sauce, we used banana to substitute the egg.  Skylar wanted blueberry pancakes and you can get 3lbs of frozen blueberries from BJ’s Wholesale Club for about $6.99. Not bad at all I think.  I also made us frozen smoothies with just fruit and water. Ingredients; frozen blueberries that acts like the ice since they are frozen, banana and orange. The kids are still picky and will not always try but Trevor and I love it!!   
Headed out after our brunch to our local farmers market; we both wanted to support our local community and we love organic produce as well as the savings that can be had.  Got our CLOTHE BAGS and started our adventure from the top of the market to the Garden Nurseries.   
How AWESOME it is to taste freshly cut peaches, watermelon, fresh corn, jams and jellies. Trevor and I also tried samples of locally grown North Carolina Grapes! So delicious we bought a bottle! We ended up by buying sweet potatoes, 12 fresh corns, peaches about 14, Bipp lettuce (we have never had that before, have had it since this blog and its gorgeous).  2 cucs and 5 of the biggest, juiciest tomatoes ever tasted!!
In the Garden Nursery section we bought an Aloe Vera plant. Love them! So easy to grow and have wonderful healing qualities from the gel the plant produces inside of the plant. Added 2 new additions to our back yard; a beautiful purple flowering butterfly bush and a very Mediterranean Fig Tree! We are working on a backyard landscaping design to accommodate our new holistic/organic food “life change/life style choice." We also want a glass green house and to be able to grow year round, regardless of season. We needed a Tumbler Composter and found one on craigslist for $125. Normally retails for $500. We truly believe you should reduce, reuse and recycle at every chance you get and buying other peoples good’s or their trash is definitely your treasure!
Have you traveled to your local farmers market; what have been the best produce you’ve ever bought; any savings and any fun stories you’d like to share?

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