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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

End of Season Swim Pool Party!

The kids have worked their cute little tanned butts of this past 2 months on swim team!  It was really great during the awards ceremony to hear your kids names be called for their “trophies” and to hear that they all deserved MIP medal this season as well! All of our kids received Most Improved Player. Should read MIS for Most Improved Swimmer but there you go. My eyes began to water and my heart filled up with pride! I am so incredibly proud of our kids. Unfortunately Trevor had to miss it as he’s working his butt off for us in Houston, Texas!

The rest of the End of Season Swim Pool Party consisted of eating and a raffle. Now I was looking forward to not cooking and not having to think of my vegan meal plan through this night. I have had my husband gone for almost 2 weeks now and to not have to cook after a long day learning my “Broker in training ways”, getting kids off the bus, home work, and then rushing out to drive and get Sky from her school as this week they have introduced sports (volleyball try outs)! I can tell you I was more than pumped not to have to cook tonight!
Well my excitement was short lived as I got a look at the salad that I was going to eat. It had dressing all over it, shredded cheddar cheese, olives (yuck), pepperoni, and maybe one or two tomatoes! Not what I call a salad at all and certainly not a vegan one at that. Oh, did I mention there was blue cheese too mixed in (double yuck)!!
After I sifted through the nasty salad, I then just gave up as I literally felt my stomach do a double take. It’s been over a month now without cheese, or diary or eggs for that matter and anything remotely with those ingredients my stomach is not a happy girl! I also had the funniest reaction from someone who offered me a free ice-cream sandwich dessert. I said no thank you and she said “seriously no calories it’s so tiny, go ahead and enjoy it!.” I said “no thank you, not worried too much about calories, can’t have it, I’m Vegan”. And the lady actually jumped back from me. I think the word “vegan” is like an invisible slap across the face! I said “hey, don’t worry, it’s not like I’m a Nazi for Pete sakes!” The lady laughed and said actually my neighbors are “vegans” and they bring over the most gorgeous recipes! I then laughed!!  What irony!!

What have you experienced in a social setting?  What’s your day to day adventure being a vegan and telling people that you are? Any crazy reactions?

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