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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Raising the Flag - Vegan Diet is the new Viagra!!! - Men: a must read and watch!!

Hello All! Happy New Yr!!

Please forgive me for taking forever to update our blog! We've had a lot of New Yr Resolutions and one of them is increasing our passive income as well as cleaning out the house and changing our routines as well. As you can imagine this does not happen over night! It takes a month or more to create a new routine! So it's been almost that and now I feel I have enough time to update the blog!

One of our New Yr resolutions was to be more interactive with our blog and viewers. I plan on updating our blog at least 2 times per week. So you'll notice postings from December 30th till now. I'll just back date.

I love our new found Veganism life and diet and here is a great factor why anyone should change their diet to live longer and healthier and not leave a carbon print on the earth in the process. But to enjoy a healthier life in many ways and sex is one of them. For men they need to worry about could I become impotent. The number one reason to becoming that is what you eat!! Here is a great link to a great video from "Forks over Knives" about eating healthy and raising your Flag!! For this woman who thoroughly enjoy's my sex life with my husband Trevor; this is very important for me as well! Ladies; we are very similar to men as well. The same blood flow happens for us to! So we could have a problem too as well if we don't go Vegan!!

check it out!

Copy and paste this link! You'll be glad you did!