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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Money Mindset Monday's Episode 2

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Raising the Flag - Vegan Diet is the new Viagra!!! - Men: a must read and watch!!

Hello All! Happy New Yr!!

Please forgive me for taking forever to update our blog! We've had a lot of New Yr Resolutions and one of them is increasing our passive income as well as cleaning out the house and changing our routines as well. As you can imagine this does not happen over night! It takes a month or more to create a new routine! So it's been almost that and now I feel I have enough time to update the blog!

One of our New Yr resolutions was to be more interactive with our blog and viewers. I plan on updating our blog at least 2 times per week. So you'll notice postings from December 30th till now. I'll just back date.

I love our new found Veganism life and diet and here is a great factor why anyone should change their diet to live longer and healthier and not leave a carbon print on the earth in the process. But to enjoy a healthier life in many ways and sex is one of them. For men they need to worry about could I become impotent. The number one reason to becoming that is what you eat!! Here is a great link to a great video from "Forks over Knives" about eating healthy and raising your Flag!! For this woman who thoroughly enjoy's my sex life with my husband Trevor; this is very important for me as well! Ladies; we are very similar to men as well. The same blood flow happens for us to! So we could have a problem too as well if we don't go Vegan!!

check it out!

Copy and paste this link! You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas & Christmas Dinner it has to be Vegan

Wow, can all you believe it’s Christmas again? I swear it feels like to me it was just here. As you get older so many wonderful things happen in our lives over time. And as you get older; time is becoming more and more valuable! You never realize as a kid how much time you have in a day. You start to get more of an understanding as you get a little older. By high school the hours start to pick up; not exactly fly by but you start to realize if you are enjoying what you are doing then they do. In my early 20's with the kids time was time and it was all about scheduling. With adding more babies to our growing family it was always a scheduling thing for me. I had 3 kids and 3 different personalities but we also wanted the same routine. Fast forward to my mid 30's and now's it’s about how much time we don't have and how much time we need to use wisely. We all have the same amount of time but it's all about priorities now. Do we really need to do this or is it wasting time etc. So I truly feel time is flying by! It's not really, we are just more aware of the time and how we wish to spend it.

So saying all this we had a lot planned for the holidays and of course not enough time to do it all! We had our tree up the weekend after Turkey day. We had the indoor decorations up throughout the first week of December. We had brought down the lights for outside the following week and then WHAM!! I was hit by the biggest sickness I'd ever had in over 5 yrs! I was sick for an entire week that then lead into 2 weeks. Mucous, coughing, fever, cold and hot flashes. You name it. With me being our planner and doer in the family the Christmas lights for outside was not going to happen. The week before Christmas was not a good idea as they'd be down in a week. So needless to say the kids were a bit disappointed. Especially since we are the only 2nd family in the cull de sac that isn't Jewish and would have a nice display of lights. It was a very dark cull de sac at night! Oh well!

All the normal traditions were a go. Getting down and displaying the Christmas House that we bought at BJ's Wholesale club which you fill with chocolates and it comes with ornaments as you countdown to Christmas. This was different for us this year as we searched high and low for Vegan chocolate in our local wholefoods and other stores to fill for the kids. Needless to say we waited too long on that and got them gel type candies that only loaded them up on sugar and we ended up buying them thin mints. The kids enjoyed them and with all the new transitions we have enforced you have to find a happy medium. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care! So fun but yes we did. We stuffed the stockings with gummy bears and gum and some small Santa gifts. No chocolate in sight. My Mom always wants to send Christmas packages and now that we are vegan she is really trying to help out there and not send the "old stuff for snacks". Of course boxes of Cheetos and Dorito’s and Cheeze It's isn't doing it but I can't tell her off or yell at her for not realizing it has milk in all of them and we don’t' do that anymore. Reading Cooking Vegan for Dummies; is really helping as we all try to be perfect when making a change and give ourselves so much stress. We need to realize its baby steps to a whole new eating habit or new choice and we need to make that day the best BPO. Which is Best Possible Option. When we opened the box and the kids saw their old favorites they freaked out and were so excited! I was about to say "NO WAY! We do this now". But it's Christmas! So my best possible option was to allow small amounts throughout Christmas and to let my Mom know we cannot eat that anymore and please do not send it again. Now the biggest decision was Christmas dinner. With having a gorgeous British hubby; we normally would eat a ton of gorgeous veggies and the main dish would be lamb! I must admit even being vegan now; Lamb is delicious but it's not our way anymore. Neither is our other option we used to eat was Filet.

So Trevor and I talked and he went to Whole Foods and got non-chicken breast made from soy. We had this at Cafe Parizade in Durham, NC for our Thanksgiving feast and it was gorgeous. When we ate it it was not so great. Trevor cooked it beautifully but it wasn't the same. I need to talk to the man who put the Thanksgiving feast on and find out what is the difference or how did they cook them? Our veggies were roasted potatoes and onions, carrots, green beans, corn and mashed potatoes. Skylar ate it all as did Trevor and I besides the non-chicken breast. Britain was really good about trying everything! she didn't liket the non-chicken breasts as well. Luke on the other hand was a pain in our arse as you'd say in Ireland and just munched on some veggies and gave us an attitude and then cried. He cries a lot. He's a very sensitive boy; working on that.

Anyway, for our first go at a Vegan Christmas it was pretty good. Again with time; we'll make our new vegan eating routine something of ease and stress free! Any Christmas dinner suggestions or stories? Let me know! Thanks, Kerri

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hypothyroidism - Animal Hormone or Generic

Hypothyroidism is an interesting Disease. Right, it affects so much. About 12 yrs ago after I'd given birth to Skylar I noticed my body was off. We all know our bodies and when something is off you just think no worries. When it's a constant feeling of off, you know something's up.

For me, I was at work (after maternity leave was over) and I was typing up a document. I normally type over 90 words per minute. I looked up at the screen after typing a full page and noticed I had typed gobbly goop! What I thought I was typing and what I actually typed was not the same thing! I had started to stutter! I've never stuttered a day in my life and I was stuttering! I remember holding my mug ready to make tea and then next minute the mug was on the floor smashed to smithereens! I never told my hand to let it go but it did. The biggest clue for me was the overwhelming feeling I was OFF! I just didn't feel right. I explained these symptoms to my doctor at Sky's 6 month checkup and my doctor explained it might be MS. I was horrified. 25 yrs old and I just had a baby and now I might have MS! I was trying not to panic. I agreed to see an MS Doctor and he had me do a lot of physical testing. Jumping jacks, push-ups, jump rope, walk in a line, push on objects etc. After an half an hour he said “you do not have MS" you are fine. I don't know what is wrong with you. From there it was a lot of blood tests. After the blood test confirmed my Thyroid hormone was off, I then had an Iodine test with a huge scan machine that looked like a satellite dish with a point set at my throat. After that test is was confirmed my Thyroid was not working anymore. Then they had to see where I was in the Thyroid family. Was I Hypo, Hyper, or Thyroid Cancer? After another several weeks it turned out I had hypothyroidism. Why am I telling you all this; how does it relate to becoming a Vegan. Well I'll tell you. I have been on Lyvoxyl for 11 yrs or so. I've had this medication change dosage several times with new pregnancies and the hormones that come with it. After I had my son Luke 7 yrs ago my hormones were erratic since he gave me more Testosterone than I've ever had in my life! I only had put on 20 pounds with Luke. Literally lost it all in the hospital. Only to be home a month with baby # 3 and watch my body bloats up another 20 pounds in water weight! It's amazing what your Thyroid hormone does to you on top of weight there are so many other problems it can produce if not working right.

So fast forward to about 6 months ago and my friend Amy is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. She was put on many prescriptions but none made her feel right. She then heard about this Hormone called Amour and it's from Pigs. I guess Pigs Thyroid hormone is very similar to ours and is the best thing to use if you want something as natural as possible. At the time I was not a Vegan. I was just interested in having anything natural in me as possible since I have to take a thyroid replacement pill for the rest of my life! So I inquired with my friend Amy, got the info and asked my current doctor if I could switch. Well after a time we were able to switch it and they wanted me to check my hormone levels in 6 weeks. The minute I opened the bottle I noticed the most horrible smell!! I put it in my mouth and noticed the most horrible taste! So far 2 strikes! But I said I'd try it and here we go. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I noticed I would have 100 plus degree's hot flashes! Then I'd be absolutely freezing! I knew this was a symptom of having Hypothyroidism and I've experienced hot and cold flashes since I was 25. But OMG this was insane. Literally would soak my clothes in minutes and then be freezing! I called my doctor to ask if this was normal. I was told because I am taking a very all natural hormone the dosage come out in huge amounts of hormone whenever since it's so natural, compared to generic. After several weeks of this I had enough and started to take the pill every other day. Well about 2 months ago, I took my pill as usual. As I opened the bottle to take my pill that horrible smell came at me again. I then had an aha moment! I am literally eating pig! It smells like pig, it taste not so good and my body is all over the place with this hormone. Then my new Vegan thinking kicks in and I think "what the hell am I doing!" I am not helping the poor pigs, I am helping slaughter the pigs for this hormone! How is this truly helping me or the pigs or our planet! I felt so incredibly guilty!! I was feeling so foolish and stupid for not thinking these thoughts since July 1st while I was still taking the meds. But I tell you; you are on this routine and until you have an aha you don't change your ways. So needless to say I called my doctor that day and said I am done with these pills. It's not working with my body and it goes against everything I believe in to take them. I am still in shock and horror that I didn't think of that sooner, that I had a pigs hormone in me for almost 3 months and that I was not feeling great but worse! But as you get older you grow and you become wiser over time. I finally get how incredibly powerful it is to be a Vegan and how your choices over food effects so much more than just what we put on our bodies. I do not wish to leave a carbon footprint. I want to help and I also want my body to thrive, not fall apart. Have any of you experienced anything like this? Please let me know I am not the only one! Now that you've read this, would you change from natural to generic? Let me know your thoughts.

Update's on my Monthly Cycle since going Vegan July 1, 2011. For Girls Eye's Only unless you really want to know ;)

Well Ladies,

It's been 5 months and 20 days since we've started this journey as Vegan's.

I can honestly say "Aunt Flow" or "My Period" just appears and I have no idea its coming accept for the fact the date or 30 days later from the last time is on the calander and I should be aware of it. I no longer crave sugar like mad! I no longer, munch on everything and anything just because! I no longer have cramps that would kill me and make me sit down for hours to just go through the motions. I used to get cramps down there that would feel like BLOODY CONTRACTIONS! I mean the word OUCH, doesn't cover it!! I'd literally have to start breathing as if I was dealing with a full blown contraction. I no longer have this pain! I also no longer bloat! You should see how flat my stomach is all the time now. No more bloating for a week or 2. No more bloating anymore in general!! It's like I've been cured from PMS all together!!! The only thing that is still consistant is the amount of time I have to have my period and that's about 7 days sometimes 8! Which in my book compeltely sucks but to go through the motions without anymore of the typical symptoms is a blessing beyond!!

I have also noticed I've lost more weight again. I've lost about 9 pounds weighing 143 and height of 5ft 9 inches. My legs are so skinny and this is coming from an Italian/Irish woman who's had hips since I turned 13! I thought I'd never see the thin hips again ever! It's amazing to me how the animal and dairy products does hold onto the weight in the most annoying places that you try and try to make smaller, fitter, tighter, whatever! You know what I mean!!! I am so incredible thin, my stomach no longer had that pouchy thing, it's smaller and flatter! My thighs are so thin and getting fitter by the month I swear! I just feel great all together which makes me feel sexier for me and of course hubby Trevor!! He's thinner too and that makes me happy as well! I don't care how long you've been with someone. When you start dating you are typically fit and firm! It's been almost 19 yrs together and 16 yrs married. Things change people and not always for the better! So to see my hubby with his 6 pack again and no more belly fat that would go over his belt a bit is so awesome for me!!! I despise any fat and I expect him to take as much time to appreciate his physical fitness as well! In a nut shell, overall we are so much fitter and healthier and feel so much better since going Vegan and if you ladies cannot appreciate a flatter tummy, no bloating, no cramps, then I don't know what to say. All this from eating all veg, in large quantities, soy, almond milk, Earth Balance nondairy butter. Raw salads, so many new varieties of yumminess! No pill, no drink, no major workouts, just eating heatlhy and watching our bodies transform to a healthier form is definitely worth it!! Let me know your thoughts as to how you've been feeling and if you'd noticed these big changes as I have!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Afternoon Yummy Snacks

It's getting colder outside, the kids are pumped up over the Christmas Holidays fast approaching and it seems the Christmas music is on a constant play mode here in the Gardner's house!! We are craving more warm yummy snacks as we get home from work and the kids from school.

I am now currently reading Cooking Vegan by the Dummies series! It's awesome, great easy read with wonderful selection of recipes and awesome pictures of some of the recipes!

Recently the kids are asking for more homemade popcorn and I've written about this many time and given the full steps to making it in my Twighlight post from Thursday, November 17th when Sky and I went to the premier of Breaking Dawn part 1.

A new found favorite that we never really cooked up for the kids are homemade cornchips with cheese. We never wanted them to eat too much cheese before for obvious reasons. But now that we are getting really good at being Vegan and we have found a cheese after several tries that we actually love is a bonus!! So eating corn in the form of a chip and cheese from rice is amazing!!

The brand we absolutely love is Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Rice Shreds/cheddar flavor!! I mean beyond yummy!! Trevor surprised me last week with this gorgeous cheese on an old time favorite Chicken Cheesy Nachos. Now it's just Vegan Cheesy Nachos!! So gorgeous!! Will be providing that recipe this week. Also we are huge lovers of Smithfields Brunswick Stew!! Cannot eat it anymore due to the pork in it. Well Trevor found a great recipes that adds palm in it and it's like having shredded pork again in a all veggie stew Vegan Style!!

That recipe will be posted this week as well with photos!

So much has been cooking and tasted this whole time I've not been able to catch up with our blog but I have a huge amount to share and show!!

Look out for my updated posts this week as I have some down time of multi tasking Career, Job, Kids, hubby and house etc. Life as we call it!

Any favorite snacks you all would like to share, please feel free to pass it along!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

First Thanksgiving as Vegan's !!! Headed off to a Vegan Buffet in Durham!!

This year I racked my brain as to what to do now that we are Vegan's and trying to be good vegan's and not eat the "typical Turkey/Ham" etc. I wanted our kids to learn by example that this is our new food eating life now and we need to do the right thing even when we are tempted by commercials, other families, schools, society etc. We are on a path of healthy, live longer, lifestyle! Save the planet and animals in the process! So I did some research and found our local Triangle Vegetarian Society that also caters to Vegan's was holding it's 13th Annual Triangle Vegetarian Society Thanksgiving at Cafe Parizide. It was amazing, very reasonablly priced and the food was in abundance. What a buffet!! It's hard to believe you can fill up on veggies but you can. We also got to try a soy non-chicken breast and it tasted just like chicken! So delicious we've decided to have the same Soy Non-Chicken breasts as our main for our Christmas Dinner. We also got to experience delicious gravy, stuffing, many new veggies we've never eaten before and the desserts were amazing!!

Here is a copy of the info from the TVS webpage.

TVS Thanksgiving 2011
Vegan Feast and Raffle at
Café Parizäde and Spice Street
Thanksgiving Day, November 24
The Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS) will have its annual vegan Thanksgiving feast and raffle at one of the Triangle's finest restaurants, Café Parizäde in Durham, NC. Parizäde has a gourmet flair for fresh ingredients with Mediterranean influences, and this will be TVS' 13th consecutive Thanksgiving there (and 18th annual Thanksgiving Feast at an area restaurant). We believe that for the eighth year in a row, we will host the country's largest vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Like the last two years, we will also have an evening seating at Spice Street in Chapel Hill. Spice Street is a sister restaurant to Parizäde, with equally beautiful and elegant decor and a well-deserved reputation for great food.

Our prices remain at $23 for adult members of TVS, $26.50 for non-member adults, $7 for children aged 5-10, and free for children under age 5. Prepayment will be required. (Would you like to come but can't because of difficult financial circumstances? We may be able to help.)

If you'd like further information about the Triangle Vegetarian Society please go to their homepage at:

What did you do for Thanksgiving, any new foods you discovered? Any recipes you can share with us?