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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying Vegan food; Vietnamese style!

Our dear friend’s son was turning 7 this Sunday and they were so sweet to invite us to help celebrate. We were thrilled to come and try some Vietnamese style foods! Our friend had worked hard all day cooking and slaving over her stove/oven.

 She made a beyond gorgeous Vietnamese buffet!! We tried, Vietnamese veggie rolls, tofu with lettuce and bean sprouts rolled up and dipped in soy sauce!  There was also a rice dish that was very good as well. There was plenty of non-vegan food and although I was tempted because it smelt so good; I was being very disciplined and didn’t try the “meat dishes”.

What fascinated me was the fact I was eating Vegan food, just made in a different Ethnic style! So cool, exciting and tasted wonderful. I am used to seeing books with “American Vegan recipes”. This was fun and fresh and just delicious. One thing I did notice was because it is Vietnamese food (not what I typically have stocked in our fridge, freezer or pantry) was after I ate I felt wonderfully full but heavy and slightly bloated, like when I ate before “going vegan”. I was full all day and had that over stuffed feeling. I was surprised but it made sense as to why I felt that way.  Any difference in our diet will react in many diffrent ways, from upset stomach, bloating, gas, heart burn etc. I was just glad all I felt was overly full.

What different Nationality/Ethnic group types of food have you tired “Vegan Style”? How did you feel eating it afterwards and would you eat it again?

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