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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shopping at Whole Foods Super Market

Our town is constantly rehabbing their retail stores/restaurants. North Carolina is always working on their old and bringing the state up to date with the new.
This has brought us a new “Whole Foods Supermarket” into the area. I must admit I have never gone into Whole Foods before. I was told by several friends that Whole Foods cater to Vegans. I informed Trevor the new Whole Food just opened and we should check it out. We all loved it including the kids.  Whole Foods is a beautifully decorated store, which is nicely laid out. It’s funky and earth friendly. The store is built to be energy efficient and I love that Whole Foods also has recycling center!  Whole Foods supports the earth by reducing, reusing and recycling!! Our kind of store!
We were on the hunt to see what type of Vegan products they have. There was quite a lot actually. We wanted Brown Rice Syrup, seaweed, rice cakes and other things to make up some meals during the week. We found what we were looking for and then some! We also decided to try their vegan pizza that is made fresh every day. The vegan pizza was spinach mushroom and I really enjoyed it; Trevor not so much on the cheese that seemed creamy as he put it. Skylar liked it as well and Britain and Luke wouldn’t try.
Trevor and I thought we’d get the kids ingredients to make our own “vegan pizza”.  We got home and immediately made the pizza, with Happy Tummy Pizza Crust that contains no wheat, yeast, dairy, egg or soy ingredients. Pizza sauce and we topped it with Daiya mozzarella style shreds. I over did it a little with the mozzarella style shreds.  Needless to say the kids took one look at it and didn’t wish to touch it! It also didn’t smell to inviting either.  I guess we should chalk it up to “practice makes perfect”. So I’ll do better next time.
Any new “super markets” you’ve found that cater to Vegan’s? Anything new that you tried? Any funny stories or yucky ones?

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