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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I ho I ho it’s off the cheese and dairy we go!!

 I actually only loved one type of cheese growing up, processed cheese! Mac n Fake Cheese. I would love when my Mom would buy boxes of the stuff. It seemed there was a never ending supply of it in our house. I never knew what “real cheese” tasted like. My husband Trevor actually introduced me to “real cheese” which was cheddar or mild cheddar. Cheddar cheese is a huge fav in England and having a wedge or two for a snack is the norm.  I thought it was very strong at first but after a while like anything you acquire a taste for it. It’s really interesting; Trevor and I have been feeding our kids cheddar cheese ever since I can remember. My kids have been huge lovers’ of cheese, the fake kind and the real kind. Since we have been “Going Vegan” and informing them we are not eating diary, eggs or meat it was a struggle at first but it’s been almost a month now and a new routine has popped up. I am getting questions from the kids; “is this vegan, can we eat this?” It’s awesome that they are aware and care now as to what is “vegan” and what is not.  I wanted to use up the cheddar cheese we had left in the fridge and strangely enough I’ve been told by all of the kids they don’t want it anymore. Especially from Luke since he’s lactose intolerant and he can have anything dairy but liquid milk. He is a huge lover of yogurt, cheddar cheese, pizza cheese, ice cream etc.
They all said it’s not vegan so they don’t’ want it! I was so taken back. I thought they’d be happy using up what we had left of our old food ways but the kids are saying “no thank you” and regardless that I am shocked I am more than happy to respect their wishes.
There was one thing the kids did ask for well just Britain and Sky; they are our milk lovers like I am. Luke is lactose intolerant and so that makes it easy.  They asked if we could buy one last Strawberry and Chocolate milk. I said yes, an individual bottle but that’s it. They really enjoyed that last bottle of flavored milk and are very happy to drink either original or vanilla Almond milk now. It’s been refreshing today to see how they want to be healthier and seem to be transitioning very well.
I’ve also noticed I do not like the smell of cheese anymore. I think once diary is out of your system your body starts to reject the scent of it, taste etc. I actually took  a very small bite of a grill cheese last week and had to spit it out! I just don’t like it anymore! It’s been a very interesting transition and I am enjoying all of these stages.
What “old foods” have you been ok with giving up, any foods that now make your nose scrunch up? Any hang ups that you are having a hard time with letting go?

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