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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seaweed Anyone?

In the office today, bright and early and rearing to go! I thought I’d make some new friends with “seaweed”.

It’s hysterical; I got so many crazy reactions to my offering this amazing delicious snack! Dried Seaweed Snack from Trader Joe’s is so incredibly delicious and so very good for you! Each small slice reminds me of California roll!!
I just cannot get enough of it and I eat the entire packet in one sitting or try and be disciplined and make it throughout the day. Keeps my energy up and it really does fill me belly!! I guess offering it at 8:45 am in the morning to non-vegan eaters is probably not a good idea. But I was so excited to share like a little kid bringing in an Apple for the teacher on the first day of school!!
I just went to several ladies and offered and got “the face, and Oh, no thank you!” Or “I’ll catch you later on that if I get hungry etc.” Well I tried.  It doesn’t hurt to share and have other’s experience new things. That’s how I am now Vegan, trying a new, exciting and much healthier lifestyle out that suits me just fine!  The good thing is at home, the kids love the seaweed, accept for Luke. Still my Mr. Picky eater!

 I tried to add  trail mix into his lunch today for school tomorrow and he kept sticking out his tongue and making those noises as kids do and pushing his hand at me to go away. I wish he’d be more open to trying. I think the rational side in children does not come into “brain play” for quite some time. I do hope one day he is more open.

What offerings have you tried to share with your friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. What reactions have you received good or bad? Any funny stories!!

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