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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hitting a wall….

When we were eating our “regular meals/food” we never had a problem with putting meals together. We would get bored and try and change our regular food choices/meals up every so. Now it’s literally like learning how to eat again, ride a bike, learning to walk for the first time or a new language. It’s literally brand new and needs to be learned. This whole new “going vegan” is like anything new; needs practice to get it right!   We have hit a wall, what I mean is we want to do this, we enjoy being Vegan; we have experienced only great results from eating what is acceptable; excluding meat, eggs and dairy. But we don’t’ know any recipes off hand/by heart. We do not have all the ingredients and we are still emptying and slowly replacing our fridge, freezer and pantry. It’s only been 23 days straight; but we are so thrilled with the progress and learning we have accomplished thus far!
Trevor and I are adding ingredients, and whole grains and learning as much as we can with full time careers, raising 3 kids and not to mention their social life as well! It’s busy but I feel during this entire first year we’ll learn so much and we all as a family will become accustomed to a healthy fulfilling Vegan lifestyle!!

Have any of you hit a wall, feeling frustrated or finding the new change easy going. Do  you have family support, friends or a spouse?
Any helpful tips/suggestions?

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