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Friday, July 15, 2011


It’s funny how you are plugging along in conversation when out of no where you are asked “so, I hear you and Trevor are vegans now?” This question stops you dead in your tracks, your train of thought gone. Now you have to take a breath and decide “do we talk about this or do we just brush it off”. I have found out very quickly that telling people of our new food “life change” is going to react one of two ways.

1.       People will respond “wow, good for you, how are you liking it so far?” something to this effect anyway.
2.       People will respond “are you serious, there is no way I can give up my meat" They say it as if I am trying to turn them to vegans and they need to seriously start an argument with me. The funny thing is I think people deep down feel it makes sense but have been taught/programmed differently as both my husband and I were as were our parents and their parents. These people feel threatened and have to strike back with the tone and not so nice words.”  

My conversation turns out something like this:

“Yes, Trevor and I are cold turkey vegans but our kids over time will be vegans as well. We know this is a hard transition and it should take a year.”

Their response; "So you are all definitely giving up meat, dairy and eggs all together? What about the safety of your health and what about your protein intake?" Or "You are both CRAZY!" 

My response: “Yes, we do not intend to eat meat, dairy or eggs any longer and haven’t done so since July 1st. I have not eaten meat properly in over 2 yrs. Trevor gave up his beef and transferred to turkey about 2 yrs now as well. But since July 1st we have not eaten and no longer will we eat meat, dairy or eggs.  We will receive all that we need from our plants i.e. Veggies and fruit and whole wheat’s and grains like brown rice, millet, tempeh etc. “

In my opinion think of it this way, how do you receive your protein that cows meat gives you? They are pretty chubby by eating grass all day long! How do you receive the Omega 3 fatty fish oils? Well fish eat algae, kale, kelp and seaweed all day long too and that is how their body produces the omega 3 oils our bodies require. So in a nut shell, let’s cut out the middle man or in this case middle animal and head straight to the plants!  It’ a win win for everyone!! The planet will benefit, the cows, pigs, chicks, roosters, fish and so on will benefit and grow in abundance by not being used for other peoples food.  Our bodies, minds and spirits will benefit as we do not have to try and process the daily toxins anymore and will feel freeier and healthier for it!

This will either stop them from pursuing since they really don’t’ wish to talk about it anyway. And you do not wish to lose friendships over it. In the end it feels like one of us is trying to be “right” and the other “wrong”. So I say let’s all agree to disagree until you change your beliefs. Because I am not going to change mine ;)

What have your experiences been with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc.? How do you handle the “great debate”?

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