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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FOR GIRLS EYES ONLY... Talking about Vegan effects on Menstrual Cycle

Feeling much HEALTHIER every day!!!
Trevor and I are getting up every morning from 5 am onward! Very early, the sun isn’t even up yet. Wonder why we do have Vitamin D insuffiency!! We keep walking in the bloody dark!! We get about 30 to 45 mins in the dark and the rest of it will be a beautiful sunny morning! I think eating more and more veggies, fruit, whole wheat and grain we will notice our Vitamin D insuffiency turn to Vitamin D sufficient!!  Getting up early for me is a wonderful way to put your health first thing in the morning. Really focus on yourself for at least an hour the first part of your day. As parents you have to learn to become selfless and then about after a decade or so of having kids you are completely selfless and then it’s hard to give yourself an hour or so of your “own time” for anything. The amount of guilt I feel for wanting to do something for me is huge and crippling sometimes that I just don’t do for me. With “Going Vegan” I’ve realized by putting me first I am becoming a better mother and wife  as well as having a happier, healthier productive day. 
This is a great way to tune in to your body, mind and spirit by taking a nice walk, jog, both or bike ride etc. A very cool natural high from being in tune with yourself and nature!  I must say we are sleeping much more soundly and having deeper sleeps. So much so I cannot remember many dreams lately and Trevor told me I am talking in my sleep again. I haven’t talked in my sleep since before kids as I like to affectionately call “BK”. Right now we are “DK” during kids and will one day be “AK” After kids.  I’ve also noticed something Alicia Silverstone mentions in her book “The Kind Diet”, I wasn’t sure if it was true or not. Alicia states “going vegan” will allow your body to go back to its natural state and everything in your system will run smoother and that includes the “menstrual cycle”.
This rest of today’s blog is about what’s happened with my “menstrual cycle” so the men out there if interested please read on; this should happen to your wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters etc. If concerned and curious please read. Ladies if you were as curious as I was; please read on.
I am not sure if it’s just me or most women but for me the week before my period I am ravenous!! I want to eat anything sugary that I can find in my pantry, fridge and especially freezer (before going vegan). I can’t get enough of sugar!  I need to munch, munch, munch, non-stop.  Also the bloating would come and I’d receive heavier activity below if you know what I mean.  When we got back from our walk this morning I was really truly surprised that I had my period. I truly forgot what day of the month it was.  The other thing I’ve noticed as I am getting closer to my 40’s is I tend to spot several days before. There was none of that. So I truly was surprised. I had no munchies at all the week before, no bloated belly or swollen breasts that tend to ache.  None of it, I thought “wow, didn’t see this coming”! All those symptoms were gone; which in my opinion is very cool. Now I was also wondering  the amount of flow or days of flow would be the same as well. Normally it’s fairly heavy on day 1, but by day 2, I am feeling awful and it’s beyond heavy. Changing every hour! Day 3 through 7 would be the tapering off stage. Noticing these changes I started to ask myself “Would I receive my nausea?” “Would I receive my typical cramping that feels like I am having another baby?” I normally receive on day two cramping so bad it feels like contractions, that’s where the cramping comes from not from my abdomen.  Well its day 5 (as I am typing from my journal to this blog right now) and I didn’t receive the contraction cramping as I thought I would. So that is another bonus!! I still received the nausea but not as bad and that was about it! Now if “Going Vegan” could also shorten my menstrual cycle days from 7 to 3!! That would be awesome!! So overall I am happy with the new changes from our new “life change”!! This only reconfirms that going “green” inside your body, no more meats, diary or sugar is the best way to go!! I am looking forward to more positive results as well!!
 Ok Ladies, lets be up front and honest! Those of you who have "gone Vegan" noticed any of the same changes as I have? What have your experience been since "going vegan"?

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