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Monday, July 25, 2011

Being Vegan at the Work Place!

Great way to start a day, hubby got up at 4 am to fly out by 6 am to Houston Texas this week and once again for 2 weeks straight it’s all on me. Not that big of deal as I’ve been in this routine since I gave up work 11 ½ yrs ago to raise my amazing/drive you crazy kids; but today was different. I started my new career as a Broker/Realtor today! I signed up with Prudential!! I got up early, worked out, got kids up (not so easy) and got showered and ready! So excited to get dressed in business attire, did my hair and felt really good to be just Kerri today. Not Stay At Home Mommy today. I can go to the office make new friends, learn a new trade and with persistent, positivity and determination I will land several leads to actual listings, buyers, renters, or investors! 

So far it’s been a great transition. The only problem is being organized to be “vegan” Kerri as well. I found it interesting when once again asked politely if I’d like doughnuts or anything that I cannot or just choose not to eat any further. I say no thank you and I receive response like “oh on a diet?” and I say no, just a Vegan. I then get response like “well I am not going off my meat!; I would never give up my meat!” or “why did you do that”. I truly feel Vegans are like another class in our society. We are shunned upon or made to feel like freaks for being not the norm and all it boils down to is consumption of  a selected food choice.  I try not to explain myself as to me that's justifying. But if someone is truly interested I will say a few things but that typically leads to the person inquiring getting offended by them feeling like they have to stand up for their beliefs. It’s truly funny; you are more than welcome to eat what you choose as well as I do! I am not going to judge you as it’s not my place but if you are my dear friend or family I might be more persistent to have you “try” it another way as I only love you and wish for you to keep you healthy, happy and around as long as possible!

Like I said this is all new to me and I just love my new “going Vegan, life change” and I wouldn’t go back for anything! 
What if any; have you experienced in the work place? What do you come back with any questions? Any suggestions or do you just not tell anyone?

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