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Friday, July 22, 2011

Going out for Lunch; is it doable or a dilemma?

Friday was a fun day!! ! Having lunch with my dear friend Dave, earning money off of Craigslist and the best part of my day was the fact my hubby Trevor was coming home today!! He had been gone all week in Walnut Mississippi and we all had missed him dearly!! Especially me!! I do not like it when he travels for business.
Trevor has some fun stories for eating out “Vegan” on his business trip which he will blog about later; very funny stories!!  I’ll start off today’s blog with my lunch experience at Bruggar Bagels!  There were no options for “Vegan Meals”.  No breakfast or lunch. But I did find out you can build or create your own salad and I love healthy fresh greens and fruits etc. I decided to have the Mandarin Medley and take out the goat cheese and the grilled chicken with a side of balsamic vinaigrette.
I got a large and it was beyond large! So gorgeous in presentation which included fresh romaine lettuce, a ton of mandarin oranges, almond slices, craisins (you all know by now they are my favorite!) and repeat! Just delicious, light and hit the spot!  Besides being a great salad the price was great as well for $7.00 plus tax it’s a great meal for any time of the day!! 
I was a bit disappointed that there are not readily available vegan dishes but at least everything is fresh and made to order if you want it to be! So for my first lunch date out; it was not a bad experience keeping my “Going Vegan” grove on!  No dilemma; completely doable!!
What have your lunches out experiences been? Are they are a dilemma or are they doable?

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