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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Veggie Burger Mishap!

I'd driven to Cary, NC to visit my dear friend and mentor Joan. She is also an agent with Prudential. I am working on my knowledge base for the realtor's software we use to work on listings that are active, closed, foreclosed, short sale etc. Phone duty is fast approaching and I wanted to make sure I could use the website without any issues.  After some training Joan and I headed out to Tribeca Tavern for lunch.  It's a gorgeous restaurant. The ambiance is really nice, the decorating is pleasing to the eye, warm and welcoming! The scents of lunch being cooked was absolutely gorgeous!

We were greeted, seated and placed our wine order. We then looked over the menu. Everything sounded amazing; of course none of it was VEGAN! But I am learning to make due and put sides together or take away ingredients to make it more vegan. Not a whole lot of places in North Carolina are catered to Vegans. There are some, just not a lot. Well I thought I'd try the Veggie Burger. It sounded delicious with the sprouts, veggies inside the burger on a toasted wheat bun.  I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries and asparagus.  I was literally beyond hungry, just had an apple on the drive there and now I was inhaling all these wonderful scents of different foods being made!

Joan and I received our meals, was having a great conversation while I was literally wolfing down my veggie burger!! It was so good!  My burger had sprouts on it, avocado, lettuce, sautéed tomatoes and I added a little ketchup and mustard. I said to Joan “this burger is amazing, I have never tasted a veggie burger like this one before!" "The fries are so delicious and the asparagus is cooked beautifully!” Joan said “well if you love it, then keep on eating!". I said "no worries there!" The waiter comes back to inquire how we are enjoying everything and I said “it’s all delicious on my end, and could you please get me the recipe on this veggie burger, it’s the best I've ever tasted!" I said "I've tasted curry burgers, other veggies burgers with a lot of spices and veggies tucked in nicely but how does the chef make this burger taste exactly like a turkey burger?”  The waiter said “what, your burger tastes like a turkey burger"   I said "yes, it's amazing, I haven't had meat in my system in over a year, but this burger tastes exactly like a Turkey burger and I am quite impressed!".  The waiter said “hold on”. He comes back and informs me after the burger is pretty much at this point nonexistent. “I am so sorry Mam, you did tell me veggie and I wrote down Turkey." I am like what! The waiter continued to apologize. I said "not, much I can do about it now, as it's all gone!”  I guess if I had a mishap on eating meat, turkey wouldn't have been the worst choice. I think fish would have been better but more obvious.  Well I can tell you I am proud to be a vegan! Not thrilled I ordered a meal and tried to make it as Vegan as possible and it got screwed up anyway. But what are you going to do! I guess I have learned to double check with waiters on my order before it's submitted.  It was delicious. If I wasn't a vegan, it would have been the best burger ever! Koodo's to the chef just not to my stomach! I did pay for it the next day! We all live and learn! And my family and I are learning so much on our journey to go and stay vegan!  

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