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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 6 - Last Day at Animal Kingdom!

It was our very last day at Animal Kingdom and we were all bummed! This was our first shortest vacation ever at a Disney Resort! We’ve normally stay 2 or more weeks! So we felt quite sad our last day had come so quickly and we were not ready to leave!! BOO HOO!!

We didn’t wish to walk our day away at Universal again that is why we only bought a 2 day pass and we had planned to be at the pool every other day. I know I mentioned this earlier but why is it when you walk your legs off at a Park to entertain your kids and of course yourself; it’s blazing hot but the day you choose to be a complete slob and lounge out at the pool its overcast and looks as if it’s going to pour itself-down again!!  Well we didn’t’ care; it was our last day and it was going to be at the pool rain or shine!
We decided to not go to Animal Kingdom’s pool but its neighbor The Jumba House which is a part of the Animal Kingdom. This resort is so much bigger and has in our opinion a much better pool that is much bigger as well. The slide was not as fast or fun according to Sky, Britain and Luke but they still slid down it all day.   They had a great bar right on the pool deck and Trevor and I got comfortable ready to have drinks and read our books.  The kids wanted us in the water most of the time but thankfully for us tired parents there were a lot of other children and an Animal Kingdom Pool Party to entertain them with!
It was really great fun watching our kid’s par take in the activities that would win them prizes. Skylar won the Hula hooping contest. She is really slender and her hips just hook onto those Hula hoops and sway! She got up to 4 Hula hoops and managed to make them go up and down her body!! Very impressive!! Luke and Britain found other ways to use the Hula hoops which was fun to watch and they were very creative.  They both are not as long in the body as Sky is and found it a little more difficult to use them just on their hips!  We had a nice day enjoying what sun we got, ordering French fries hot and tasty!! Drinking up lovely cocktails for me, lager or ale for Mr. Trevor and just NOT watching the time go by!!!

Sky being very impressive with Hula Hooping not 1 Hula Hoop but 4 at the same time!!

Unfortunately the rain did win over all and we were rained out by midday!!  Not a problem, we just changed clothes and headed to our community hall for more indoor entertainment. The girls and I made crafts for our friend’s daughter for her 6th birthday. We made bracelets, a dairy book, and I made a fun frame with stick on jewels and animal kingdom logo’s on it etc. We then decided it was best to head back to the room and make another night worth of steamed veggies and rice!! Delicious! The kids dug in too and we finished the evening with a Disney movie! We went to bed a little early as we had to check out the next day and drive another 5 hours to Hilton Head, SC for our 1 ½ days at the beach!!

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