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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 4 of Holiday - Pool, Drinks, Torrential Down Pour & T-shirts!

After a long day at Universal Island of Adventure we wanted to start our 4th day of vacation at the pool side! To enjoy a long day of sun, fun, pool side activities/games and for Trevor and I as many yummy cocktail drinks as possible!
After sleeping in till after 9 am we decided to make our very special mickey brunch (vegan morning star sausages and homemade vegan waffles) we got dressed and headed out to the pool! It was midday and the weather was looking not so good to start with. You gotta love spending a full day in lines and heat for the parks but the day you wish to hang by the pool it looks like the heavens are going to open and pour!

It's a Mickey! Vegan Morning Star Sausages, we also tried the Maple syrup ones too.

Britain getting excited to eat her Mickey!!

Forgot to mention we tried "soy bacon" by Enjoy Life. It was better than other's we've tried but everyone else disliked it but me. Oh well, gotta keep searching for that bacon!

This was Luke's Mickey as he's now into Raisn Toast again! Not 100% vegan toast but a better choice than most.
Got a nice table and set up camp. Less than an hour the heavens opened up!! If you’re going to spend a day at the pool unless there is thunder and lightning; might as well have fun getting wet! So the kids and I decided to head to the hot tub and stay warm as the cool, hard pouring rain was coming down in sheets!
About 30 mins later it cleared up and the sun was shining brightly. Sky and I played the most horrible ping pong you’ve ever witnessed in your life. We couldn’t keep the ball on the table or get a good rhythm to call it a game for that matter. We decided to quit after 20 mins and walked back to the table for some drinks. Trevor surprised me with a yummy sweet cocktail! No idea what is was called. The drink was just good, cold, sweet and it went down very quickly!  As it was approaching lunch and we bought a ton of food, Trevor went back to the room to make us some pickies. We don’t always like to eat lunch and we don’t wish to miss a meal so we just pick sometimes as you do. Trevor had put together some PB sandwiches, apples, oranges, vegan peanut butter chocolate crisps I had made several days before for the journey, Veggie straws (so good), wheat thins just to name a few.  As we finished our pickies/lunch the weather turned for the worst and a huge thunder lighting storm came in very fast! We decided it was best to call our only 3 hours at the pool a day and head into the Animal Kingdom’s Community Hall and see what activities could be had there! It was T-shirt making day! What fun; Sky, Britain and I got shirts and light boxes, stencils and fabric markers and went to work. I made Luke his T-shirt as he was engrossed with Wii games and two new friends he had met at the pool. Trevor loves Wii as well as any video game and was found happily playing Lego’s Indian Jones and the temple of doom!
 Sky made a cool Minnie “baby” mouse shirt with funky designs, Britain made a very cool themed Phineas and Ferb shirt with most of the characters and I decided to make a Cars themed shirt for Luke with Mater and Lightning McQueen! They all came out so awesome and it’s hard to believe but we spent like 3 hours doing this and the time flew by!

3 gorgeous, crazy kids proudly showing off their cool new Disney Made T-shirts!

I am very proud of my artistic ways and love all the extra detail I put into this T-shirt for luke. I also added his name on his right sleeve and age and on the left the date.

Britain's Phineas and Ferb Themed T, very cool and creative!

Sky's very sweet and funky cool Baby Minnie Mouse T!

Sky's back of T

Britain's back of her T
As it was approaching dinner, we decided to head back to the room, take showers and get ready for dinner and Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler movie!  (Just an FYI all free movies from Animal Kingdom are Disney Movies; big surprise right).Trevor and I made a delicious old favorite new again Vegan Style! Fajitas!  We sautéed onions, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes (add them last as they soften quickly) with Virgin Oil and added them to small round corn flour wraps, with yummy salsa sauce! It was the best meal I’ve eaten in such a long time! I have loved most of our vegan meals but this was so fresh and so yummy and hot right off the stove! If we were at home we would have added Fajitas seasoning! But I suggest you make it and watch as your mouth smiles! You are going to love this dish!
Seriously! Look at the steam coming off this delicous dish!

We were quite shocked to have Britain and Sky join us for dinner that night! We typically have to make something else! They are liking our new vegan way's me thinks!!

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