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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Disney Adventure Begins; Part 1 driving to Savannah, Ga!

Per usual I am the first one up! Trevor was getting sick from work due to a guy upping the AC because the sun glared hotter in his office than it did in the office building all together!! Everyone in Trevor’s office accept for the jerk that upped the AC had to deal with pounding cold air on them and poor Trevor was one of them!! I decided I’d get up and work out and let Trevor and the kids sleep in a bit before packing up the car and heading to our first stop Savannah, Georgia!!! Whoop Whoop!!
We planned to get there in 5 hours and hopefully have minimal stops.  We got on the road by 10:30 am and had packed healthy vegan treats for the 5 hour journey. The treats consisted of dry roasted sea salted peanuts, 100% all natural Almond Crunch bites; these little yummies are gluten free, GMO free and Vegan! The best part bought at the Dollar Tree store for a dollar! These are really yummy and a great fiber enriched snack! Homemade popcorn lightly sprinkled with sea salt! So delicious! Banana’s, apples, oranges, peanut butter crackers, my homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Crips (like rice crispy treats but completely vegan and much healthier!) homemade salads, tomatoes, veggie crisps which were my breakfast as I ate it all before anyone could get their hands on it! And not so healthy or vegan, skittles, star bursts and Trevor gave in to the kids and bought them Oreo’s! I am not so thrilled but Trevor had to remind me they are in weaning mode and if we pull everything then they’ll resent us and going vegan and the minute they are out with friends, at school etc. they will take it upon themselves to rebel and eat the way we used too! So I had to get it into my head that this week will not be an easy week. We are on vacation after all and the kids should not feel pressure on a fun filled trip. Plus all this car driving makes for a stressful environment between lack of space with a packed up car, different opinions on who wants to watch what or listen to what. Plus the fact they are in this annoying fighting stage and to be honest I’d love to drop them off with someone I can trust until they’ve grown out of it! Oh yeah that means they’ll be like 18 or so and that would not work out to well! I guess Trevor and I will have to grin and bear it as its called life and parenting!  Need to read a book about this stage! As it’s the worst stage thus far and this is compared to their toddler stage!!
Well we did well for time about 5 hours to Savannah, GA with only 2 pit stops and a gas fill up! Not so bad. The real test of keeping the kids on a healthy vegan diet this week came at dinner and I lost the fight! The kids were looking at the “non vegan” menu and getting excited! I was looking at it too getting frustrated that as much knowledge as there is out there; there are still little restaurant food choices for Vegetarian’s and almost none for Vegans! So I told the kids what they could have and that left them a choice of veggie sides and pasta! Trevor was looking quite stressed, I was fuming and stressed and the kids began to cry. I made the mistake of lecturing on what it means to be vegan and what eating animal’s means and who it hurts. Not only our bodies and health in the long run but the poor animals and overall the earth!  Trevor had to calm me down, calm the kids down and remind me we are on vacation and if we want to have a nice vacation we have to bend a bit on this for at least the 10 days we are away. We can enforce our new Vegan ways at home but while we are out on vacation we really need to pick our battles! I was very unhappy about this as it’s my 1 and only goal to teach our kids to be as healthy as possible, to be as respectful to their bodies and to the life of animals and of course respect the only home we have “planet earth”.  I must keep in mind I can stand on my soap box and piss off my family and ruin our vacation or I can bend the rules for these 10 days and make sure all is happy and healthy that way too! Stress is a killer as well and this is not what this week is all about! With that said we had a much better evening after we all discussed how this week would be food wise. The stress is gone a bit, and off to Orlando Florida in the morning to stay at the beautiful Animal Kingdom Hotel!! Very excited!!

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