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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Part 2, Driving to Orlando, Florida

Wake up call for us was 2 am this morning at the Embassy Suite Hotel in Savannah GA! This was not on our agenda at all! Our blissfully haven of sleep was devastatingly ruined by the blaring 2 am Fire Alarm!! Trevor and I bolted upright in bed scared shitless!! Out of our 3 kids only 1 woke up in a fright as well and that was Sky! She was scared big time!! Luke just mumbled and kept on sleeping. Britain was dead to us all!! She is a heavy sleeper, always the last one up and always sleeps through our CPI house alarm gone off a time or two!  You can guarantee my crazy Britain will sleep through it which is amazing and worries me at the same time!
After bolting upright! Trevor and I were completely disorientated and had to figure out where we were and what the hell was going on!! In the brief minutes that followed we quickly realized it was a fire alarm, there wasn’t any fire as we didn’t hear any fire fighters screaming for us to leave the building, no chaos or commotion happening outside in the halls or the phone ringing off the hook from the front desk! Our conclusion was some enormous idiot set off the fire alarm and woke up the entire hotel in a complete fright! We then decided very quickly to just lay our heads back down and fall back asleep before our personal alarm would wake us up at 6:30 am some four hours away!
Come 6:30 or so we all got up showered and packed up the car, headed back inside the hotel to have complimentary breakfast that was included in the stay. I was looking forward to breakfast and dreading it as I knew I would have to let the kids have more flexibility for their breakfast choices. There were the typical mushy, runny eggs, greasy bacon, dry cereals, fruits, fruit juices, teas, hot coco, mushy oatmeal (so mushy it feels as if someone else has eaten first and then served it there after!). Also my ole time favorite, omelets made to order! I can honestly say I broke down and had my very last omelet with egg whites. Yes I know, before you berate me it’s not vegan! Let’s all remember this is all knew to us and we are changing our eating habits from 30 plus years in the making for Trevor and I. I did fill that omelet with only delicious veggies and no cheese! Unfortunately, Sky got her omelet ordered before I could let her know I didn’t want cheese in her order. Of course her omelet was filled to the rim with cheese! Not making me happy but again, picking our battles. Luke and Britain were very easy with their breakfast choices of cereal. Unfortunately Britain has milk with it. We did bring our own Blue Diamond, Almond milk; but it was nicely packed away on ice in our cooler. Trevor had fruit salad and a bagel with tea.  We felt pretty good for our breakfast choices; overall it’s not the worst thing to eat compared to other hotel guests who had pile high plates of eggs, bacon, more grease and more heart clogging, veins bursting bad cholesterol breakfast choices!  After breakfast we excitedly got into the car to embark on our next 5 hours drive to Orlando, FL for our ultimate vacation destination of Animal Kingdom!!  Unfortunately for most of our journey we had to endure beyond heavy rainfall! So bad, that there was a 4 car pile-up on the way and the wondering if we were going to have a rainy vacation or not! 4 hours and 45 minutes later we arrived happily at Animal Kingdom/Kidani Village!! Luckily after we unpacked and settled in to the room the sun burst through the crowds and the vacation literally started with warm 90 degree weather and the pool beckoning!!

Master Suite - Gorgeous!!

Mickey Mouse - Towel Style!!

Master Bath!! Beyond Gorgeous!!

Master Bath; jacuzzi with glass shower!!

Living room with Beautiful Savannah View!!

Other side to Living room; with comfy chair that pulls out to a twin bed, Flat screen with DVD player and Kitchen table!!

Very beautiful Kitchen with DW, Electric glass top stove, MW, Kitchen breakfast bar w/ stools
and plenty of pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, bowls etc.

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