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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simply Asia- Spicy Kung Pao with Tofu & Veggies

Trevor is our amazing chef in our house!! He makes the most wonderful dishes with ease!! I love watching him just take fresh ingredients out of the fridge, and just start cooking.  You would think this is an easy thing to do! Well not me, I am the type of person that needs instruction to feel I am doing it right and am not going to kill anyone with bad cooking! Not Trevor; he's Mr. Chef Boyardee! Whip anything up at home or away and it always comes out delicious!! This is because his Grandmother taught him how to cook.  They would spend hours in the kitchen when he visited her with his brothers cooking up many concoctions.  

I was not taught how to cook, accept in 6th grade cooking class and that was just the basics.  Growing up I literally thought that running spaghetti sauce on a plate of spaghetti noodles is how it’s done! My parents were not the best cooks unless it was a roasted dinner; or a corn beef in cabbage meal! Other than that all the meals were running or very basic, bland. I really learned how to cook from Trevor.  Trevor is an amazing cook and we enjoy our Friday or Saturday nights thinking of new dishes and trying them out! It’s been very interesting and fun to figure out new vegan dishes.

I called Trevor on the way home from work today, asking if I needed to buy anything for us for dinner. He said "I've already thought of it, what do you think about using the Tofu and mix it up with a box of Simply Asia noodles and add our on veggies?” I said “sounds delicious to me.”

This is a very simple meal to make.  Get your Tofu out, slice it not too thin. Like you are slicing up a good wedge of cheese for crackers. Lay the Tofu out in your pan and add some Olive Oil. Mind you we never have cooked Tofu before until tonight. So we were told to cook the "hell out of it" by Trevor's friend Nicole. We decided to cook it on low until it was golden on each side. While the Tofu was cooking we boiled up the Simply Asia noodles. They are made from wheat flour, soy etc. and are totally good for us Vegans.  The noodles only take 5 mins to boil. Drain, add the noodles back to the pot and add the veggies of your choice. We haven't shopped this week as it’s been one of those crazy weeks and so all we had left was onions, 1 red pepper and mushrooms. We diced all that up and added that to the pot with the noodles and added the Spicy Kung Pao sauce, tofu and stirred.

That's it! Maybe 30 mins in total to make,  a bit of kick with the Spicy Kung Pao sauce!! Very filling with all the yummy veggies and the tofu was really good! I would eat this again no problem!

Have any of you used any Simply Asia products? Any cool recipes you could share?

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