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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food For Thought #2 Animal Kingdom's Animals

The one to get up early and get the day going in our household is always me. So it’s not surprising even on holiday I am the first one up and eager to get the day going!! Since Luke’s bed is in the living room it gives me little options to start my day. Normally I’d get up and work out via DVD/go for a jog. But any chances of working out to my 20 minute intense Jillian Michaels training are nil since I will probably wake everyone up. I could go for a jog but since it is vacation I find I am not that eager to do that either. So the first thing that comes to mind that will not disturb everyone else from their sleep is to grab a bottle of water, camera, my  book “Success is a Journey – Make Your Life a Grand Adventure by Brian Tracy” and head out to the balcony to enjoy the morning with the African Animals on their Savannah! Not a bad way to start the day!!
Breakfast Time!

Yummy Palm leaves enriched with Vitamin D!!

Hay has been dropped off behind this bush! Animals are lovin it!

Gorgeous Savannah View from our bedroom balcony!

Another beautiful view!

Savannah goes on for acres and acres! So beautiful and serene!

These are African version's of deer.
As I was enjoying the gorgeous and breathe taking view of Kidani Village’s Savannah, it’ amazing to me how Disney makes every resort you stay in beautiful, serene and as authentic as possible!! These are the animals we had the pleasure of watching and enjoying every day of our holiday. 
21 animals in total.
Ankole Cattle, Zebra, Red River Hog, Greater Kudu, Okapi, Impala, Eland, Nyala, Roan Antelope, Reticulated Giraffe, Thomson’s Gazelle “Tommies”, Waterbuck, White-Bearded Wildebeest, Guineafowl, Marabou Stork, African Spoonbill, Ostrich, East African Crowned Crane, Pink Back Pelican, Greater Flamingo, and Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture.
Sitting there watching these magnificent African animals in their habitat, I kept thinking how they are VEGANS too!
Their beautiful coats of fur, muscles rippling with every jump, trot or run through their fields on the Savannah. Each animal eating their share of grass, leaves off the trees and every variety of bushes from the land. Plus the Disney Staff would come by daily and deliver hay and palm tree leaves. These animals look happy and healthy and are receiving their nutrients, vitamins, minerals and daily sun enriched Vitamin D from the grass, leaves bushes etc. from their gorgeous Savannah. How easy it is for these animals to get up and mosey around their land and eat from it! You don’t see by-standers hackling about what they are eating, concerns for their health or if they are receiving enough vitamins, nutrients, minerals, protein, fiber etc. You can physically see with your own eyes that these animals are thriving on plant life!!
I suspect these animals have no history of cancer, diabetes or any other ailments that would end their life very slowly and painfully accept for old age! Makes you think how better off house hold pets would thrive better and have very little trips to the Vet if they ate only Vegan foods as well doesn’t it!

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