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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 8- Fun long day at the beach!!

We got up, got on our bathing suites and headed back again to the dreaded HHPrime for our complimentary breakfasts. This awas about 11 am as the restuarant closes at 11:30. As you can tell we did definetly sleep in!  We made sure we ate a full vegan breakfast as best as we could with our choices that were presented. Nothing cooked was complimentary so that made it easier! We all ate, toast, oranges, oatmeal with hot water and raisins and brown sugar. The kids loved the bagels with jam and drank a lot of OJ. Trevor and I enjoyed our own individual tea pots of Earl Grey and we let the kids fill plates up of tattor tots! Yummy! Filled up our belliles and out the door we went to find a great spot on the beach for the remainder of the day!

Trevor and I knew we'd get scorched as you do staying in the sun for a full 8 hour day so we rented an umbrella and chairs and made camp. The kids being kids could care less and ran to the water!! It was low tide and there was a ton of sea dollars all over the beach floor. We got our bukets and filled them up with these cool sea dollars as a fun thing to do for the entire day!! Don't worry at the end of the day we threw them back in! Just some fun and an adventure finding the sea dollars under your feet and digging them up.

We ate our muchies of wheat thins, fruit, ordered french fries, drinks from the bar, juice for the kids and tons of water too!  We later built our cool new kite we won on raffle with Trader Joes! It is an alien figure and boy did it fly!! After a full day at the beach we headed back to the hotel to make PBJ's for the kiddies and beans on toast for Trevor and I.  We were not paying that type of money again nor were we going to eat animals again!

We watched a documentary on Micheal Jackson as his Dr.'s trial is coming up and then  hit the sheets as we had another 5 hours to ride back to Raleigh, NC. 

Here are pics from the beach and video too! Hope you like it!

Love all these photos of our kids, but the close ups take my breathe away of how very beautiful they are!

Love this close up of Britain, she is so very striking!!

Beautiful but crazy Sky!!

Back and front view of Sea Dollars we found!

Seriously, why can't I be 12 again!! Love her figure!!

Our Beach Al Bundy!

Gorgeous view of our hotel from the beach!

Gardner's Beach Spot!!

My Gorgeous Man Trevor, enjoying flying the kite we just built!

Video of Trevor flying our kite and the kids swimming.

Kids enjoying Hilton Head Beach!!

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