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Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 3 of Holiday – Hogwarts or Bust!

Skylar and I made arrangements with her friend Abby to visit us whilst here in Kidani Village. We all met Abby and her family a year to the day of our arrival at Kidani Village which was September 18th, 2010 in Barcelona on the Disney Magic Cruise! They are also DVC (Disney Vacation Club Members) members too! Sky and Abby hit it off they have been emailing and Skping for a year. Since Abby and her family live in Florida we thought it would be nice to have the girls reunite! We invited Abby to stay from Sunday, Sept. 18th to Monday, Sept. 19th hang out at the pool and join us for Universal’s Island of Adventure to venture into Hogwarts for a Magical time!!!
Waking up on a gorgeous king size bed that is soft and beyond comfortable is a great way to start the day 3 of our 9 day holiday! Trevor and I only sleep in King Size beds for the past 6 yrs now.  We had a queen size bed for over 8 yrs and I was very much opposed to changing but I tell you nothing compares to a King! Like the saying goes once you go King you can never go back! Ha Ha!
The kids also had a great night’s sleep and they all had their own beds too! The girls have two very nice soft queen beds and Luke was meant to share with either Sky or Britain but decided he wanted his own bed! Of course Abby shared with Sky and luckily our 2 bedroom Villa comes with this amazing cushy, living room chair that actually transforms into a twin bed! It’s amazing and Luke loves having it all to himself! So our sleeping arrangements are working out for once!  Having a family of 5 does make arrangements complicated sometimes! Adding a 4th kid changes the dynamics all together!
We headed down for a buffet breakfast in Sanaa. It was nice to not have to make it for ourselves but we were dreading the Disney prices! Trevor had OJ and a bagel, I chose a fruit cup and OJ, Sky had cereal and OJ, Britain had cereal and OJ, Luke had the same but with Apple Juice and we found out that Abby doesn’t like to eat much at all and drank a bottle of water. Not very healthy if you ask me but I’m not her Mom. Now can you all have a guess as to the price of our Disney Buffet Breakfast? Am I hearing 30 dollars, 40 dollars or even 50?! Luckily it was only $25.00 but seriously for all that we could have eaten like rich Vegan Royalty for steal at Golden Corral etc. Well at least chosen as close to vegan dishes as we did with the buffet.
In the car and off we ventured to Island of Adventure to become a witch or wizard at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Cool is not the word I describe it! Beyond awesome, brilliant, magical!! Those are more fitting a description of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The detail of Hogsmead, the store, costumes, the music playing!! The ambiance was amazing! The food was not! We decided to eat at the 3 Broomsticks and order some Butter Beer! The kids loved the Butter Beer, Trevor and I thought it was way too sweet! But great for kids!
Trevor decided a nice plate of Cornish pastries and salad was a good choice, I had the salad and water, Sky ordered fish and chips. Abby, Britain and Luke ordered the chicken tenders and chips! When we received our meals we were highly disappointed as you can tell all of this food is mass produced and stale and wilting for waiting to be ordered. We are used to Disney’s food choices as they do have lovely salads and healthier choices. Yes they are mass produced but the food seems to be cared for more. Not so much in Universal. Anyway, we ate our not so nice lunches and had a brilliant time for the rest of the day riding rides in Harry Potter’s world, Dr. Seuss, Spiderman and Toon Town. It was a great day, good weather and by the end of it our feet were barking! We said good byes to Abby by 7 pm and looked forward to nice warm showers and a family movie!

This was our view in the Sanaa Restaurant in Kidani Village for our buffet breakfast

Just entering Universal Island of Adventure Monday, Sept. 19th, 2011

On route to our main destination Hogwarts! Seuss Landing was one of the
many cool places you can have fun in Universal!

Definately not a Vegan Choice!

What a wonderful sight as you enter the Magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! HOGSMEAD!!

All Aboard!! Who's wanting to join the Hogwarts Express!!

Wonderful Display of crazy fun jokes, candy and more in Zonko's!

Entering the Owl's Post, we heard quite the growling from this cage! Low and behold it's the Book of  Monsters!

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