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Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 7 - Arrival at Paradise!!

After 5 long hours in the car, getting peed on and driving through torrential down pours for most of our journey, we finally arrived at Paradise!! The weather was amazing; about high 70's and not too many clouds in the sky!! Hilton Head Resort, in Hilton Head South Carolina is beyond beautiful!! The Resort is right on the beach and there is a pool, hot tub and bars all around!! Tons of fun to be had at the beach with renting bikes, canoe's, big wheeled paddle boats and so much more!!

We couldn't wait to get up to our bedroom check out our view as we were on the 5th floor (highest floor level) and look at that gorgeous ocean calling our names!!  We literally pulled off our clothes, got into our swim suites and ran for the beach!! It was high tide and the water was coming fast and the waves were pretty high.  The kids were so excited!! Since it was about a little after 4 pm, Trevor and I were not too eager to get wet and then leave in an hour to get ready for dinner so we stayed on the beach and watched the kids have fun! Plus again, not too energetic after a long drive. It's amazing to think how when you were a kid you were just like your kids and had endless energy!! Not to mention their energy had been pent up for 5 hours in a car!

After an hour or so at the beach; we decided to get some drinks at the pool bar, kids jumped into thepool for some more fun before we returned to the room, showered, got dressed and headed to the closest restaurant in the hotel so we didnt' have to get into the car!!

The kids were told they could have only 2 more nights of not being vegan for dinner if they wanted as I was spent from the arguing and Trevor was craving ribs! I was mortified but was again reminded we are new to this and if we fall off the wagon it's OK as long as we regroup and get back on. 

Trevor had lamb instead (and I cried inside as I was disgusted by his choice to be honest). I really do not want any of that in his system or be apart of helping the slaughtering of animals. He doesn't either but he caved! I was not happy about it at all. I wasn't happy with the kids choices either but we were all on vacation and it was our last 2 nights before back to reality and home cooked meals so I again let it go without argument. I then looked at the menu and it should have been called "we kill cows and others animals; what would you like!" but it was called HHPrime and I must say the staff was very nice but our waiter was an ASS! I asked for this veg to be switched by this veg and he said "we cannot do that". then I said but I need to substitute this veg because I don't like it and he said " well that's not going to work with this particular dish!". I wanted to get up and shake the little man as I am 5'9" inches and quite strong! Also Italian and Irish doesn't help for a good temperament!   I then blew it off and switched up my meal and I must admit caved and got the only fish meal that wasn't covered in a cream sauce etc. When we got the meals the kids hardly ate as they were tired and said it didn't taste good. Didn't make us too happy about  spending crazy money but again, didn't wish to start a fight and said "dont' worry about it". Luke hardly ate his chicken tenders and then fell asleep on the booth seat. Trevor loved his lamb and made me sick! I ate all my gorgeous veg up and tried the fish and was disgusted as it tasted horrible and was saturated with fat!  I said to myself right then and there I was going back to full "cold-turkey" vegan and not ever eating any fish ever again! I felt so guilty trying to eat it and then was disgusted as it was disgusting! Our bill came to $145.00 and was disgusting!! Not a good night for the Gardner family for dinner! We walked the kids back to the hotel room and all discussed how we didn't like our meals and how important is to not eat animals now and again but never. How this proves our bodies are healthier without them and we will not be eating this way tomorrow night and wasting money again! 

Have you ever had a situation like this before? Please advise what you would have done differently, I know believe me I do but any advise is helpful!

Here are pictures of our view from the room and resort! Absolutely gorgeous!!

My Gorgeous Trevor!! We walked back from the beach to get some drinks
and watch the kids in the pool before our horrible dinner!

View from the pool bar looking out to the rest of the resort and farther to the beach!

Loved the landscaping and all the beach decking every where! Beautifully done!

The path to the gorgeous Hilton Head Beach!!

Captured this shot just as the sun was setting! Beautiful!!

As we were touring our hotel; we came across a lot of man made ponds and turtles!
You can see this little guy in the left middle of this picture.

This is the view from the restaurant HHPrime in the morning when we had breakfast.

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