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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Going Vegan = Going Green inside and out!

I've noticed the more conscious effort we put into our lives with food, spending money, the flow of your house, your daily routine etc. The more life is like “Going Vegan". What I mean is Trevor, the kids and I decided to take this new journey of "Going Vegan" back July 1st. Trevor and I for the past 5 1/2 yrs since we moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina have been on a journey to be as successful, healthy and most of all happy as possible.  As we all know; with anything you decide there must be action behind that decision or nothing will happen.  We have been on a health journey for several years but we have put more effort into our health these past 3 yrs then we ever have. Our health really is the core to everything else we decide to do. It's quite fascinating. You choose to be healthy for many reasons, our health then led to us thinking what the optimal healthy life choice is? How will our health impact how we live? What decisions we make now will truly effect how long we live later! 

I then decided maybe being a vegetarian is not enough, so I started to do more research. I started reading more books, looking at other blogs, asking questions. I mean what is it we all want out of life? For Trevor and me it is to become and sustain  multi millionaire's/livelihood, to raise well rounded, happy, healthy kids, to live as long and as healthy as possible in order to enjoy our riches and bless others with them!!   We have been asking ourselves; what does "Going Vegan" really mean? It means so much more than just not eating meat, poultry, fish, dairy products etc. It means so much more than animal cruelty. It means at least to Trevor and me "Going Green inside and out". From what we eat to how we live and how our choices really affect our planet! 

It's been amazing these past 2 plus months the major changes we have made to our lives. We have cut back on the amount of trash we put out. We always have been green, but we now only put out half a bag of trash a week. This is huge in the long run, the bigger picture. It's amazing how much food scraps a family of five actually creates! It's wonderful to literally reduce, reuse and recycle! We cannot wait to see "black gold" coming out of our composters! We started with 1 in July and have added a 2nd composter about 2 weeks ago. We have been planning our "new green" backyard. We will have a greenhouse to "live from the land" year round! We want a pergola to grow grapes and add a beautiful patio underneath. The theme of our back yard is "going green" and we want the back yard to be producing as much as we'd normally buy from the grocery store year round. We already have 2 rain barrels, we noticed we can easily use and add 3 more.  Trevor's car 5 yrs ago was paid in full and once we pay down our new Chrysler Town and Country we will be looking to buy Trevor a more "green" vehicle! Another goal is to have solar energy through solar panels added to our house and create passive income from the Electrical Company paying us back!! The way we manage our money which is very green in color, is a huge part of living longer and healthier!  It's so easy to stay a consumer as we have been "programmed" to do! But when you make a decision to "Go Vegan" it's amazing how much more you think about what else we can do to make the rest of our lives better for us and our planet.  In a nut shell, I wanted to let you all know that our blog will focus on our "Going Vegan" journey as it's been wonderful, delicious, disgusting, fun, frustrating, rewarding and interesting!! But we also want to talk about other areas we are changing too.  The things I've talked about above will be focused on too. I've also talked to the kids and they would love to add their two cents too. So look out for our kids input and we plan on calling their thoughts "veggie tales!". Complete irony there! 

Thanks for following thus far and just so you know we are off to Disney in Florida to stay at the Animal Kingdom on Saturday, Sept. 17th to Sunday September 25th. We’ll be saving money driving then flying and of course need to plan everything to the T and that includes our cooler for the ride there filled with Vegan choices! My question to you all; how easy is it to be on vacation and buy/prepare vegan food, or purchase a meal from a restaurant? Not sure never done it before and I look forward to see how easy or hard that can be! 

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