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Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 7- 5 hour Drive to Hilton Head, SC and a major Peeing incident!!

Most car rides are typically the same thing every time; we all get pumped up to where we are going next! We get packed and situated. Trevor never lets me drive as he feels he’ll be bored just sitting there; so he gets our music ready to listen to and I get several books ready to read for the journey. The kids have the same seat in the car each time and their headsets ready and waiting for the next movie of choice!  So no big deal right! Well on this particular lovely journey, eating our pre –packed vegan goodies, like the veggie straws, almond bites, apples, oranges, pretzels etc. Not to mention our very non-vegan M&M’s, Star Bursts, Skittles etc. Well I guess the Star Bursts and Skittles are not too bad but not so Vegan on the M&M’s. Remember we are still in weaning mode and the kids are in “what battle do we wish to pick on vacation mode!”

Well I do not know what it is like for your son’s out concerning potty breaks but our son Luke is the worst potty break announcer ever!! I do not know how to politely say this so I am going to be my honest self and make this story as hysterical as it was!! We advised the kids to be kind and let us know well in advance when they needed to go to the bathroom. The Rest Stops are announced every 30 plus miles or so! So we needed to know ASAP; not to mention it’s very dangerous to just immediately stop on the highway and pull over to a shoulder! They typically don’t exist! At least not when you need one too! So we are happily driving, there is no fighting for once and Trevor and I are singing to Yes, John Mayer, Lindsay Buckingham, Tina Turner to name a few or listening to motivational speakers like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield etc.  Out of nowhere Luke literally screams at us “I gotta pee now!!” Well you can imagine we were startled big time first! Then we were very pissed off as parents get with this news told over and over again before during and after a long road trip!! Trevor is yelling “Luke, seriously I am going to kill you!!!” “You keep doing this to us!!” He does, never a bit a notice, just is ready to explode at any minute!! So as a Mom you are always ready to go at a moment’s notice with incidents like this and have to think quickly on your feet! Well I was thinking quick on my ass as it was seat belted to the seat!  I scanned the car and noticed the Universal Popcorn plastic container next to Luke’s legs that he’d just finished eating moments before and said.  “Luke, unbuckle, pull your pants down and pee in the Popcorn container!” Skylar screams “OMG, no, pull over!” Trevor said "no way, we are going 75 to 80 and there’s no shoulder or rest stop in sight, do it Luke!” I repeat myself and all hell breaks loose as Skylar starts screaming “NO!!!” Britain isn’t too much aware of this as her headset is firmly on but starts to take them off and listen; gets the gist and starts screaming NO as well!  I scream louder and say “do it do it now! “ Luke pulls his pants down and just as you think he’d get that little guy in the container we see spraying pee coming out of his pants all over us like he’s putting out a very intense fire in our Minivan!! We are all screaming now and Luke isn’t sure if he should cry or laugh at us! It only lasted seconds and then he got his bits inside the container and finished in there! But OMG, Skylar was screaming as if she was being stabbed or something!! She wouldn’t stop!  Well I just laughed and laughed and Trevor started too as well! The only ones not doing it was the girls and Luke then started to chuckle!! When I finally stopped laughing I said to Sky, “now when we get older and you think back at all the road trips you’ve ever had this one is going to be on the top of your list and you’ll laugh and say remember when Luke peed on all of us!” She screams; “no I wont, this was so disgusting and how can you laugh!” I said “get over it”.  We then proceeded to Hilton Head, SC with Luke taken care of, Britain mortified and Skylar so shaken up and wet she had to take her pants off until we got Hilton Head! So funny! Any crazy car ride stories you’d like to share! Mines a keeper and so stinking funny!!

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