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Friday, September 30, 2011


A week back from vacation and the week flew by! Here it is Friday, September 30th and low and behold we had an amazing situation turn up!! Skylar was still tracked out and we had let her have a sleep over party on Thursday night with her best friend Cassidy. Cassidy's Mom had asked me if the girls were busy and if they could sleep over tonight! Any parent who has been a parent for about as long as Trevor and I have almost 13 yrs will never turn down any parent asking your permission to have your kids over!! Are you kidding me! We love our kids but just had 9 days of vacation with them and even though we have wonderful memories and I blogged about them so they are written down for us to reminisce anytime! Trevor and I miss the days when we can just do what we want when we want. When you have kids you have to plan everything and save for a babysitter as typically the cost of the babysitter was just as much as the Date!  So these dates are far and few between! Well one wonderful turn of events turned into 2 when I got a call from our neighbor Cam who asked if Luke could spend the night with their boys! Seriously wanted to pinch myself; not only did we have our girls going on a sleep over party; we had Luke doing the same and on the same night!! What does this mean? It means a spontaneous DATE NIGHT with my man!! Also beyond best part NO PAYING FOR A BABYSITTER AND NO CURFEW!! What a parents dream!! We can come and go as we please, choose where and how long we want to stay out till and not have to check in with anyone!! Seriously this doesn't happen often!! I called Trevor and said "guess what!?" Trevor said "What?" (didn't see that coming did you! ha ha) Well I explained our new found exciting predicament and he was thrilled. Of course once again when you are a parent for as long as we have been and have a standing weekend routine just like our week we are now in the "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO PREDICAMENT!". Sad isn't it, these moments remind me of a time when we first got married 16 yrs ago when it was a Friday or mid week and we felt like going out and we'd say to one another "what do you want to do tonight? then the other one says "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Do you all remember these times, and then the questions keep going back and forth until one of us figures it out or suggests something!!  Well Trevor being the amazing man I married, surprised me when he got home with several printed out restaurant menu's and low and behold VEGAN one's to boot! We settled on a restaurant called IRREGARDLESS Cafe & Catering! The funny thing is Trevor said "well the pictures look like its' a retirement home filled with old people but the menu sounds good and it's received great reviews." Well I said " lets do it, until we go we'll never know what it's like and if they have great vegan meals!" So off we went downtown Raleigh to venture into our first CATERING TO VEGAN'S RESTAURANT!! Very exciting!! We drove downtown and looked for the first parking garage. Little did we know, Trevor looked for the restaurant online and the address, but what he failed to do was look at the address in comparison to  distance of the parking garage and we ended up walking for over a 1/2 an hour to the restaurant! It was truly an adventure because on the way to the restaurant we were walking farther away from the main hot spots in the city and the street lights were diminishing as well and I was getting nervous. Then we started to see life again and passed the Raleigh Prison! Yes, you read right! The Raleigh, North Carolina Corrections Facility!! How safe did we feel! Not too safe but then again the rest of the buildings surrounding this restaurants were lawyer's and police and believe it or not residential from homes to apartment buildings! Who the hell thought of this layout? Stupid and beyond crazy how our little city of Raleigh is laid out!  Well just when we thought our feet are going to break off from walking so frigging long! Low and behold we found the restaurant! You know what was funny we thought the heavy metal band that was playing at an outside concert was the restaurant and as much as I love live bands, I dislike heavy metal bands. Not for me or Trevor for that matter.  No the restaurant was right next to it! So we heard a lot of heavy metal playing as we walked into the restaurant that looked as old as it smelt! Mothballs! Trevor was right it was a highlight for most 60 yrs old and up. We were not the minority as there was 20 yrs old and 30 yrs old like us but there was definitely more gray hair there then not! We decided we were not going to walk back to the center of the city to find another restaurant and try this one out. We had a lovely waitress and ordered our first ever Vegan dishes.

Here are some pictures of our dinner and the website

Our gorgeous appetizer!! The pita wedges were freshly made and hot right out of the oven!

Our main dishes came with house salads and they were refreshing and delicious!!

My gorgeous guy Trevor enjoying his salad and pita bread wedge.

Thought I'd try a Peartini! So yummy and sweet and delicious!

Trevor's veggie curry! Beautifully presented just a bit sweet &  no kick in sight.

My Acorn Squash Cassolette was presented beautifully as well.
I preferred the baked beans to the black beans. Taste was different, texture was fine.
 I love black beans and typically have them several times a week.

For our appetizer we had:


A Middle Eastern appetizer featuring a scoop of hummus, tabouli, and butter bean pâté. Served with grilled pita wedges & kalamata olives.
For our main dishes I had:
Slow roasted acorn squash stuffed with a melange of roasted vegetables, served on a bed of black
turtle beans with red beets spiced with cumin & tomatoes and white navy beans with golden beets
spiced with grilled pineapple & carrots. Served with fresh roasted corn and green pea salsa. $16

Trevor had:
A mixture of fresh sautéed cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, squashes and onions with our secret
curry recipe served over lentil brown rice, with orange cranberry ginger chutney topped with walnuts. $16

Our dinner was wonderful; we had tons of exciment besides the Jazz player/singer. Outside the Heavy Metal Live Band was marsh pitting and getting very rowdy that 6 cruisers pulled up and 5 ambulances! We didn't know if the Heavy Metal Band was full blown Chaos and the calvary had to come! But it was obvisous either it was happening or they were preparing for it to happen! After dinner we thought it best to get our pigs a barking again and get to our parking garage. We got home, watched a movie with some more drinks and had one of the best spontaneous date nights ever!!

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