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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Days and counting!!

Good Morning my Vegan Blog Family!! 

Its 3 days and counting till the Gardner Family are off on Saturday, September 17th (day after my 38th birthday!) to hit the good ole American roads to our first destination Savannah Georgia!! We need to hit the grocery store to fill up on major Vegan goodies for the ride! We’re looking forward kiwis, strawberries, whole wheat salad sandwiches or maybe add some tofu! We are getting adventurous in our learning to be good vegans!  We love rice cakes now! Oldies but goodies are oranges, bananas! I found a great product called Veggie Sticks! A huge bag at BJ's like $6.00 bucks but it's so delicious! The Veggie Sticks are tomato, spinach and potatoes!! You can get smaller bags at Trader Joe's for $2.99. They are also in the form of chips!  Sticks or Chips you decide. You can do what my kids do and use them as straws to suck up their Almond Milk with or without Vanilla! Kinda yummy, I tried it! We'll have some candy for the car ride as well as its 6 hours to Savannah Georgia! Our major vacation time will be spent in Orlando Florida at Animal Kingdom in Disney World!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!!!!! We will be hanging at the spa, pool side and using the amenities! This will include bikes, paddle boats, lake boats, kid activities etc. Oh, let’s not forget the yummy food we'll be eating!! This is where it might get tricky! We have not been VEGAN'S ON VACATION before and I am not sure if Disney caters to vegans! But we can always make due and we will have a full working kitchen in our villa so we plan on shopping before we arrive on Sunday Sept. 18th around noon time or so. Hopefully we'll make it that early we all want to throw on the bathing suits and sun block and get vacationing!! We will also be visiting Harry Potter at Hogwarts in Universal!!Cannot wait to see him and check out his digs! We are huge Harry Potter Fan/Freaks! Should be BRILLIANT!!  We will be at Animal Kingdom for 5 nights 6 days and then on the 23rd of September, we'll be heading out early to drive to Hilton Head South Carolina!! For 2 fun filled days at the Hilton Resort for more fun at the beach!!  We'll be wrapping up our vacation on Sunday, September 25th to drive back home! I am very excited as we all are!!  It's a year yesterday from our last vacation to Barcelona on the Disney Cruise!  In case you haven't guessed yet we are Disney Vacation Club Members!  I will keep you posted with our activities as well as what vegan food's we'll be trying for the first time or recipes we'll make up along the way in case we find vegan food in Disney Restaurants will be hard to find? Don't know but we'll be letting you all know!!

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