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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spiders, Praying Mantis and Poison Ivy Oh My!!

Definitely not Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!! In our attempt to revamp our yard for the new Green House, Pergola, garden beds, stone or brick pathways (haven’t decided yet) and new deck!!  We need to get the yard geared up for all this change and that means keeping up with the yard, designing the new yard, making plans, setting money aside etc. etc. etc.

Well this story is about 2 outdoor activities! I’ll be sharing one and Sky will be informing you all about the adventure we had on Saturday Sept. 10th. Look out for “Veggie Tales – Sky”.

We had let our back yard go so to speak; which means I didn't mow it for almost 5 months since Easter this April!! It was overgrown just a bit to say the least and it made it hard to get to our composter's as well as not feel creepy crawlies on your legs as you are walking through with composter materials.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I literally cannot believe I've let the yard get so over grown and look completely horrible! But we've been so very busy with new careers, kid’s summer activities, getting 2nd jobs, writing this blog, keeping up the house etc. Life as we know it right!   I also sold my gasoline powered mower to be more green for me personally as I've had my hair analysis done a year ago and found out since I am the main lawn mower for the past 12 yrs, I've been inhaling gasoline fumes and they've been sticking in my system all this time!!It's pretty scary to know your body literally holds poison and stores it forever if need be. I had small traces of arson but it's still not a good thing! So I sold the lawn mower to be greener to myself as well to our planet! We did buy a rolling mower which is very green, great exercise and does a great job cutting the grass! When I use it it's like a big toy for me, but I also feel like I have been swept back into a time warp to the 1940/50's!! I also get a lot of looks from the neighbors but I don't care. The only thing the rolling hand pushed mower doesn't cut well is big strands of over grown grass! So I need to get the weed whacker out for that. Otherwise it's good to go! Well as I hit the jungle back there I had no idea how many new nasty spiders, praying mantises’ and weeds had decided to move in while I took a hiatus from my lawn mowing duties!!   Duties such a funny word! I cannot not chuckle when I say this word! I know very mature but I don’t' care it's very funny!! Any who, I started to roll and mow and it's like the spiders and praying mantis’s heard me approaching and decided to form a new insects army against humans and decided to attack with a vengeance!! Literally with every push of my rolling mower and the blades turning at will the scurrying of big half dollar sized spiders came at me at frenzy!! I was screaming, as I can handle spiders but not this big!!! Of course we have outdoor speakers playing great tunes and no one could hear my screams!! Trevor was outside weed whacking the front yard so I was on my own! As I am trying not to be attacked on my shins, I come across the biggest brown fuzzy spider I've ever seen!! I think it’s the cousin to our North Carolina famous BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS!! It is literally carrying its house on its back or a huge sack of eggs! Wasn't going to look at it closer to get a better look!  I screamed to holly heaven and said "you all win!" I decided to get some water and hope to hell that spider scurried out of there so I may continue the mowing! Well can you believe it, 10 mins later I come back to finish the section I was working on and that thing is still there! Not only is that spider still sitting there for what purpose then just to scare the hell out of me but he's got friends now! In the corner of my house hanging out on my vinyl siding is 2 very large Praying Mantises!! They are lurking I swear getting ready to pounce me. They are so gross looking!!  Very long sticks with legs and they want to open their mouths up and bite my head off! Yes I would have to be their mate and much smaller but I watched a movie a long time ago with Hugh Grant called 9 Months. There is a scene in there where he's just made love to his wife as they are trying to conceive. The next minute she is a huge praying mantis and bites his head off! I think it's never left me! I literally felt frozen to the spot as they freak me out!! I finally manage to get over it as anger is now pulling at me. I decided the spider must die and if the Praying Mantises are smart they'll leave! The closest thing to me to kill this humongous spider is the cement water collecting thing that is under my drain pipe. I lift that up slowly to see what's under that... Maybe more spiders in waiting, a snake or two! Luckily bugs!  I lift that up and slowly walk over to the humongous spider and drop it with such force it should have killed it in an instant!! Was not going to check till much later!! I proceed to finish the lawn and pull up the existing weeds that will not get cut down by my mower. Fast forward 3 days later and I wake up to the ever so beautiful showings of major poison ivy!! Best place to get it of course is the face!! So needless to say I look like a female version of Hitler!! I have a mini mustache of poison ivy on my upper lip right under my nose! With a mass inspection of myself there are more patches everywhere!! The kids and Trevor have been giving me air kisses for the past week! (I am behind in writing this but this is the day I mowed and now today is the 14th and I have been on steroids to take care of the spreading and itching!!).  It's amazing to me what lives in our front and back yards and what moves in when you do not show any presence of activity accept to fill a composter weekly and turn the handle every couple of days! When we start our back yard "Going Green" project with the new landscaping design to eat off our land and use our new green house to be, I'll show you via video and pics and design plans every step of the way!!

Any crazy gardening stories for you?

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