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Monday, September 12, 2011

Veggie Tales By Britain & Luke

We've been talking to the kids and asking them if they'd like to add their thoughts to our blog! It's truly a family blog but I am the one that does all the typing typically.  We had a family meeting discussed how important it is to have their opinion on our blog as well!  They are excited to put their fun ideas, opinions and suggestions in too!

So here are some Veggie Tales from both Britain & Luke concerning afternoon snacks!

Britain's Veggie Tale: 

One of my favorite snacks of all time is apples!! I love most apples but there is one I don't like so much. It's the Granny Smith. Or the green one's as I call them! I like sweet and as my Mom informs me; the green ones are great for baking more so than snacking on unless you don't mind a little tartness to them. We have a pampered chef apple slicer and I like to make apple slices and then cover them up in Jiffy's Peanut Butter! I never realized before but this is a good Vegan snack as my parents have told me.  My Mom, Brother Luke and Sister Sky love it too. But put peanut butter under my Dad's nose or in his face and he looks like he's going to be sick! He tells me living in Great Britain they don't eat Peanut Butter like the American's do!   I think he's crazy as it's the best tasting peanut butter ever!

Luke's Veggie Tale:

My Mom makes the best homemade popcorn ever!  My Mom told me we stopped using the microwave 3 yrs ago to become more "green" inside and out!  My Mom, me and my sister's Sky and Britain make homemade popcorn for snack after school every day. She lets us cook it with her. She puts some vegetable oil in the bottom of the big pot. Then we dump a lot of popcorn seeds in the pot.  We all have a turn moving the pot over the gas flame to get the vegetable oil heated up.  We never measure the seeds as my Mom says it's more fun to watch the popcorn pop over the sides as it's popping up!! This is true. I love watching the popcorn pop over the top of the pot! We have a 5 second rule in our house and so I dive for the popcorn on the floor every time!  My Mom calls me the human vacuum!  After the popcorn is popped; my Mom gets a brown paper bag and puts the popcorn in it. We then get a turn shaking the sea salt into the bag! I like to put a lot in!!  We then all get a turn shaking the bag up to make sure the salt covers all the popcorn! It's the yummiest popcorn and even my friends at school want to trade my popcorn for their snacks.   I always have loved Jiffy's Peanut Butter. The other day my Mom caught me sticking my popcorn in a bowl of peanut butter and she said "Luke that's gross!” I said “no it's not, try it."  My Mom then said "well I am always telling you all to try it, and then I should do as I say right." My Mom tried popcorn with peanut butter and she said “you know what Luke; it's not bad at all."  I was so happy she liked my new favorite snack!! By the way I am talking but my Mom's typing!! 

Thanks for reading I'll be back! Luke out!

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