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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 5 of Holiday - Another venturous day in Universal! Do you hear it? My feet are already BARKING!!

Getting up early would be an ideal way to start a vacation but when you stay up to almost midnight, have had a few drinks, and have been making sure your kids have been well entertained (God forbid!) you are a bit pooped to get up and be overly energetic the next day! At least for me and Trevor; we find more reason’s to cuddle in the morning and ignore the sun a bit!

Luke is hysterical; I woke him up a bit from the flash of taking Sky's pic.
He said "Mommy take mine and I'll look like I am sleep walking!"

Took sweet pictures of the babes while they were still sleeping before our 2nd trip to Universal.

Out of all our children Britain is our craziest sleeper! She starts in one postion and you always find her in another postion or off the bed but covered head to toe with many blankets, stuffed animals and my favorite an eye mask!
 She copies me there!

Trevor was still in sleep mode when I decided to take this pic and it's hysterical because it is pitch black in the room and he's being blinded by the flash! What a fabulous wife I am!! Ha Ha!!

It’s day 5 of our 10 day holiday and we had bought a very expensive 2 day park pass to Universal. Our thinking was what if it pours all week; we need a backup plan! So we ended up spending almost $1000 for 6 people (including Sky’s friend Abby) to make this happen! Crazy money spent, I can think of so many wonderful things to invest with that money like Gold or something! Always thinking me! Anyway we decided we had seen enough in Island of Adventure; Hogwarts is very amazing and I’d love to live there (as the kids and Trevor would too as we are beyond crazy Harry Potter fans)as a witch and have magical powers!! How cool would that b!! Unfortunately that’s not reality so we decided we should check out the other park to Universal. I do believe it’s called Hollywood Studios or something to that effect. I can tell you my feet were already dreading this day as you can expect to spend at least an 8 hour plus day there! In our case it was 7.  We headed into the park and the first thing we did was look for Shrek! There he was on a big billboard with Donkey and Phiona!! We got in line and surprisingly we didn’t have to wait long. We were quite entertained by the virtual 3-D images of the 3 little pigs and other Shrek characters as we waited for their ride! It was a very cool ride and it started the day off wonderfully! 
We then got in line to Disasters! All Disastrous films made by some crazy made up director and the best part was, if picked you could be in their latest movie! Well they had asked for an Adult Male Gorgeous man for a part in their move and of course Skylar screamed out her Daddy’s name and got him the role!  So much fun to watch Trevor acts out a part and then watch it in a trailer of their new movie “Motha Nature!” while on their ride and enduring scary “Motha Nature” scenarios of flooding train stations, earth quakes etc.  So funny! We then took our new found "STAR" Mr. Trevor and the rest of us to get some snacks and the only “vegan choices” were popcorn and French fries! So that’s what we had, we also were smart and brought our cool new cups the ones with the lids and the straws. Filled them up with bubbler water and sat down right outside Jaws’ ride to eat. You could hear the screams as Jaws obviously came up out of the water to eat them!
 This was Trevor getting ready for his big 15 mins worth of fame! The next clip will show you his actual action scene!

Trevor is excited and very embarrashed to have been picked! It was awesome to see him being picked!!

We were going to do that ride next but in 90 degree weather with beyond humidity to make it feel like the 100’s we decided to find a ride with little lines. Before we got in line for The Simpson’s Krusty the Klown’s beyond fantastic ride we decided we needed a spritzing break and headed over to the Coke Spritzing Station to literally cool our skins! So wonderful was it to feel all those spritzing nozzles all over your very hot skin!
Trevor was first one in to get spritzed! Kids enjoying Daddy getting slightly drenched!

Luke looks as if he's been swallowed by the Coke Spritzing Machine!

Can you give me an Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sky said "Now this is what I am talking about!"

Can you give me a double "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Britain needed this cool off! Look at her face! Hysterical!!

Seriously this was luxury at 90 plus degrees!

Still enjoying it!! I'll give  you a big "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Wanted! 3 Crazy Kids who have been enjoying themselves too much!
 After our very crazy but very cool roller coaster Krusty Klown ride we headed over to our final ride with Jaws!! Trevor and I have been on this ride a couple of times and it never fails how the shark scares the living shit out of us both! We scream more than the kids did and we know when it’s coming! How sad!! 
Crazy Gardner Family enjoying the thrill of almost being eatin!!

After a long day, back to Animal Kingdom for some much needed showers and with tons of veg left over we made our gorgeous homemade stir-fry of course “vegan style” but whoever eats stir fry without meat is eating vegan!

Here are some more pics of our day at Universal!

Sky enjoying a mini water park!! She laughed the whole way down!

It's wonderful the details that is put into Universal Studios! So much to look at and enjoy!

What a face! She cracks me up!

This is Back to the Future 3 - Doc's Train

Back to the Future cool time machine car forget the actual name, but funny characters standing around it!

I can hear Madonna's song in my head right now "Strike a Pose!"

Another cool building, love the ambience!

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