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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogging and Beer Night 2 - Asparagus!

Well it's the first Wednesday night of the month and Trevor is off to Beer Night to meet up with the Beer meet up group that happens this time every month at our local Recreation Center. This gives me good alone time to catch up on the blog! Well we have tried a new Tempeh meal yesterday called Healthy Vegan and it looked very healthy and it tasted like #$%^&. You fill in the blank! Not exactly worth writing about, but I learned something, I am proud of myself for taking the initiative to make a new meal with the little amount of groceries we have left! Needless to say I need to go shopping and haven't done since last Friday. It's been one of those crazy weeks; where getting laundry and food shopping done seems to be a far stretch of time we didn't have!

Well the more I think about it the more I have decided to poke fun at myself. As the saying goes “if you cannot laugh at yourself; then loosen the hell up!!". Well I get a chuckle out of this story still and enjoy telling it. It's all about Asparagus and this is very Vegan Healthy Veggie and very very good for you!

If you can believe 3 yrs ago at the age of 34 I finally in my life tried Asparagus for the very first time while visiting my family back in Massachusetts. We were out to eat as you do when you travel and I ordered at the time I am sure a chicken or steak, steamed veggies and I thought I'd try Asparagus.  I am capitalling Asparagus as it's the star to this story!

Well we obviously were not vegan then but we did enjoy the meal incredibly. Everything was well cooked and the ambience and company was wonderful!!

Fast forward that night as Trevor and I are lying in bed, we'd falling asleep after watching some cool movies and I woke up with needing to go the bathroom. Well I went as you do and started to pee. Not an abnormal activity for any man or woman. The difference is I am sitting there with my eyes shut and lights out in the bathroom as I didn't wish to wake myself up too much! As I am sitting there I start to smell this rancid smell!!! I think I am just imagining this smell but after a while I become concerned!! I finish, flush, wash up and head to bed. Not even 10 mins later I need to go again!! I drink a lot of water so there you go. Well I start to go pee again and once again I start to smell this awful rancid odor. I think "OMG, I must have an infection?! It smells like I am decaying or something down there!!" I start to shout for Trevor then. "Trevor, I think I have an infection down there! Something is so wrong with me, help!!". Trevor is woken from my screaming and comes to the bathroom and says "what the hell is going on?" "What are you shouting?" I explained the situation and then after a couple of minutes he starts laughing his head off!!

I was thinking what the hell!! So I said "what the hell is so funny, this is serious!!" Well after Trevor stops’ laughing he then asks "you had the Asparagus for dinner didn't you?" I said "yes". He said haven't you ever had Asparagus before, ever?" I said "no, never I thought I'd try it and I liked it". Trevor starts laughing again and then says “Kerri, when you eat Asparagus it makes your pee stink to high heaven but is really good for you."    I then say “so I am not decomposing down there? I don’t' have to see a doctor to find out what the hell is happening down there!?" Trevor started laughing again and said "no". I then started laughing because the whole experience is so hysterical and ridiculous!!  But you know we are not fully grown up until we die. In my opinion that is! We truly do learn something new every day and I explain this to our kids all the time! I had to chuckle a couple of weekends ago when Skylar tried for the first time Asparagus!! Later that night you heard her scream from the toilet "what is this smell, Mommy something's wrong!” I just laughed, walked to the door and explained Asparagus to her as well!

So funny, I am laughing typing this story to you! Any crazy Asparagus stories for you or heard from a friend?

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