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Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Days and Counting -To our local Library Batman!

Well our vacation if fast approaching and so much needs to be done before we go! Trevor, the kids and I were having a medley of left overs last night as we needed to empty our fridge before we go and not come home to any science experiments!  Our Vegan Food Medley consisted of steamed corn and green beans, lentil soup, salad and veggie burgers, oh and pasta! No rhyme or reason just needed to empty the fridge and make it happen!  With me full up on steroids to take care of my poison ivy, my energy level is crazy in the morning but tanks about 4 pm and then I am wiped!  So I hope to have been more planned with dinner but at this rate feeling like I just don't care as I just want to go on vacation now and have other's serve me! Ya know!

Being a vegan now and going on vacation is going to be so different! The kids are already asking what they are allowed to eat and any treats we'll let them have! I don't blame them, all of their lives they've eaten one way and 2.5 months ago we changed that completely but with some allowance for them of course. More cold Turkey for us!  Just a saying not eating turkey!

Well I asked Trevor what we should be packing for a cooler for all of us for our 2 days driving from North Carolina to Savannah Georgia to Orlando, Florida.  He's a brilliant man but when he doesn't know he just says “I don't know!"  I used to get annoyed with this as I thought he didn't wish to add his thoughts or try even. Now after a years’ worth of reading books on relationships etc. When a man says he doesn't know, it's because he really doesn't know and isn't trying to be annoying! Crazy right. They really say what they mean! Who'da thunk it! Well I can talk marriage advice in another blog!

Well long story short of it, I am off to the Library to find out more and rent out books for our vacation as I am feeling healthy with our choice but not very knowledgeable yet! Like I said it's going to take a good year or so to learn all about our new food life choice!

I've researched other sites and have found a couple of books to check out.

Here are two that are of interest to me but will list more and have them on our amazon site after I've read them etc.

Here's a no brainer! "Complete Idiot's Guide - Vegan Eating for Kids" and a really cute one that is animated is "That's why we don't eat animals!”  I am feeling really excited to rent these books and others from our local library. Then I'll purchase some of the books that have been quite helpful!

Here are the pictures:

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