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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Facts - Dryer Lint

As we go about learning to be vegans; I think I want to shot out new fun facts! So here is one I just found out and think it's interesting and fun!

Did you know that even your laundry lint is great to add to any composter!  I was doing research on composting and came across this fun fact!
In case you want to know a good formula for composting to add that dryer lint to here is some info to start.
Recipe for great composting!
1 part food scraps (all natural, shredded paper is good, tea bags and coffee as well as liners are good, nothing cooked, no egg shells, no meats, no bones, )
2 part leaves
2 part grass
2 part hay
1 party finished compost (if you have already made it of course)
And of course your laundry lint!!
Add some water to moisten and keep moist. The material must be able to ball up. Not soaked or too dry! Turn your composter every day or at least 2 per week to get the air flow in it.
We have bought our first composter off of but you can also find them in yard sales, on line and one of the home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Our second composter came from Home Depot for $98.00.

I think the best composters come from CompostTumber

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