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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 9 - Last Day of our Vacation; bitter sweet day!

This day was very welcomed as we were so ready not to be driving anywhere again but to our home. This day was also very sad as we do not plan on going on vacation again until June 2012 when we are going to fly to England and visit Trevor's family and partake in a 2 week Canal Boat Holiday! This vacation is going to be beyond awesome as Trevor and I have been wanting to take the kids back to England to see their heritage, show them where Trevor grew up, where we lived while I first lived there for 3 yrs before moving back to the states and taking my new hubby with me.  This was 14 yrs ago! We also love to be outdoors and this is a new version of camping but on water!  OK, back to the last day of our vacation.

We made sure we packed up most of our suitcases and anything we didn't need to have waiting for us in the morning to hold us up from getting on the road on time. We got up fairly early as we wanted to make sure we got the complimentary breakfast.  Once again we made the breakfast as Vegan as possible. We pretty much had everything we ate the day before; oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar and water. Toast or bagels with jam. OJ, Apple Juice. Luke is a huge cereal eater but he's also lactose intolerant and I really believe this happened when we moved here to Raleigh, NC 5 1/2 yrs ago when we switched up Luke's milk from Massachusetts to North Carolina Milk and he was about 15 months old and his body didn't take the change well and had the runs for days until I realized it was the milk.  So Luke and Britain had dry cereal. There was a wonderful selection of fruit! Trevor and I a huge lover's of cantaloupe. We had a huge bowl of cantaloupe, honey dew melon and pineapple. So refreshing!!

We had a wonderful breakfast and took one last walk around the gorgeous Hilton Head Resort and said a sad farewell and got into the car to drive 5 hours back to our house!  Overall we had a wonderful vacation and we enjoyed every day of it! Trevor and I did agree we thought the vacation was too short, as the saying goes "we needed a vacation from our vacation". No one's vacation is ever perfect! There are fights, disagreements, compromises, and weather that you cannot control but overall it's about the memories made perfect or not and that is what we did!  We also learned a lot about being "Vegan on Vacation" It's not easy and it needs to be planned out. That is my goal for the next vacation! It is also my plan for our daily lives. Breakfast and Lunch is so easy but Dinner is the killer! I've loaded up my library with books called "Vegan Lunch Box", "Living Vegan and Cooking Vegan for Dummies". I am currently reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids". We are only 3 1/2 months into our new eating lifestyle and it's has been interesting, frustrating, wonderful and yes a ton of tears from me and the kids making our new eating lifestyle not be a quick fad!  But I truly feel if you are armed with knowledge and a full desire to do the right thing by your body, animals and our planet, I think you can keep persevering and making better food choices on a daily basis. What is the saying that makes so much sense "inch by inch its a sinch but yard by yard its' hard!". Basically one day at a time! That's all we can do! Please enjoy our pictures of our last day on vacation!!!

Thanks for reading and remember any comments, questions, suggestions, we'd love to hear about them!

Beautiful Pool, great location, got constant sun and was a nice temp inside at all times!

Our hotel room is the on the top floor, 2nd balcony on the left. We were on the 5th floor and Luke of course wanted to
 see how he could jump off it! Is it me or does all boys try to risk their lives on a continuous basis?

Beautiful open Foyer right in the middle of our hotel!

View looking up from the 1st floor up to our 5th floor! Great Architecture Design.

This is the view looking down from our 5th floor in the open Foyer.

Last day on vacation in Gorgeous Hilton Head Island, SC. Hilton Head Resort.

We had a gorgeous view at our breakfast table!
Beautiful last day, wished we had 1 day more at the beach!

Placing our orders for drinnks and tea, and we self served ourselves for breakfast.

View from our breakfast table! Seriously breathe taking!

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