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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work BBQ - Boca Burgers Beyond!!

Every last Tuesday of the month Prudential - York Simpson Underwood - North Hills office puts on a Lunch Bunch date for all Agents to get together with one another and enjoy some fun quality time!! I feel these lunches have allowed me to get to know my fellow agents on a more personal level. I look forward to them every time!

Sept. 27th was our Parking Lot BBQ and I was looking forward to hanging outside with my new friends. I was also curious to see what would be served! We have an amazing administrator Eileen Finnigan who is so wonderful. She runs the show at our office and never forgets anyone's birthday or special facts like I am vegan and made an extra effort to include me in the BBQ!  There was fresh onions, tomatoes, pickles, potato chips, potato salad, Cole slaw and all the condiments made on this earth!

I got in line and I eagerly awaited to fill up my plate and choose the best vegan choices as possible. I was looking at this huge grill that reminded me of a pig roasting grill and smelt all the poor cows and pigs grilling on that grill and hoped I had a choice for a non-meat burger!  Low and behold, Eileen did her thing and headed out to Costco to purchase veggie burgers. BOCA BURGER is the name of the brand on that box and the picture on the box looked delicious and I was hoping it would taste as good as the picture. I had to wait a bit as the chefs were not sure how to cook veggie burgers compared to the nasty slain beef and pork. But the wait was worth it! Those Boca Burgers were beyond delicious!! I loved it so much and felt like I was eating a meat burger the taste was so similar.  Loving the fact that it was just veggie and an amazing flavor of spices and herbs to make it taste so good!  I had two of them and a plate full of potato chips, fresh tomato, onion and pickles. I will admit my stomach wanted to taste for one last time potato salad and Cole slaw. They both look good  and my old taste buds wanted to try "one last time" but my stomach was not thrilled for the tiny amount I had placed on my plate. I was sick about an hour after I'd eaten.  Gotta learn the hard way! I know better as my stomach doesn't receive cream, milk or any dairy products so why do I still put myself through this every so! It's my learning curve. I mean after 37 years being conditioned to eat one way, it will take years to get "Going Vegan" right! But if you are looking for an amazing veggie burger!! Boca Burger's is the one I'd suggest.

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