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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunflower Seeds - A Great Snack

With every shop I am consciously aware of our options now. I want to check the back of every packaged good. From canned good items, to pre-packaged meals bought at Trader Joes our new found favorite market.
We are a family of 5 and so I shop where the deals are. I was shopping for some school supplies for Skylar's field day on Friday as well as some new office supplies for my new desk at Prudential.  It's great when you can go to a store like the Dollar Store and find great finds and pay that $1.00 each and every time!!
As I was strolling through each isle looking for what I came in for as well as any cool finds needed; I came across the "junk food isle" as I have affectionally named it! I am looking at fried this and pork that and my stomach is silently turning as I read all these nasty labels! I am saying a silent prayer for all who buy these items and wishing them and their stomachs a safe recovery after indulging themselves in this nasty production of junk. Surprisingly I also came across big bags of Sunflower Seeds!
My Mom is a huge lover of Sunflower seeds and introduced them to me as a kid.  I forgot how nice they taste. I thought this would be a good snack "on the go". I looked on the back of the bag and sure enough the Protein section is in bold! About 1/4 cup of Sunflower Seeds is about 8 grams of Protein! No Cholesterol, no trans-fat, sodium is low with 90 mg, dietary fiber is 2 g and there is less than 1 g of sugar. The total fat is 13 g but compared to most things we eat that's nothing! So I happily bought a bag to enjoy an old time favorite.
As I've been munching on them in the car, I have to admit they are quite tasty. I am really enjoying a natural, organic snack provided by nature! Sealed up in a convenient bag made by DAVID Sunflower Seeds.

Any of you enjoying sunflower seeds or any easy quick all natural snack you can suggest?

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