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Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't I upload that!

Hello All!  Did you all survive Hurrican Irene! Wow, what a week in preparation for this horrible Hurrican that came to pass thankfully!! Well on top of hearing about Hurrican Irene and what precautions, North Carlolina should take, I've also been feeling very frustrated! I love being Vegan, have no complaints accept one. I do not have the "Betty Croker or Julia Childs" feel to just whipping up a Vegan meal, having all the ingredients and know how! That's my biggest frustration! I also feel like time just passes us all by so quickly and to learn something new is such a struggle. I was crying to Trevor yesterday saying " how much I want this new life, how I know with every being of me, that this is the right way to go, I know in the long run we'll have no problems with whipping up great meals for any occasion". But right now, as I am in my new career as a realtor, just got a 2nd job as a waitress, will be working 60 hours a week, raising 3 kids, homework, dentist, doctors, vacations, house projects, fun time, family time, alone time. Time, Time, Time is the big problem really!! There isn't any more that we can have. I wish sometimes there was 3 or more of me to do it all and be all to everyone and myself!   I wish I had a software program that I could upload like Matrix and know everything there is to know about being Vegan! I also wish I had all the ingredients, spices, herbs, everything there is to just do it with ease! But unfortunately I don't!  I am just like you all with the same amount of time and the same stresses of making a living, raising happy, healthy kids, making sure I have a happy, healthy marriage and overall happy healthy bodies too!

So much to do, learn and be, if only we could upload! I know we as a family will get there soon! I just am so very impatient and the cook books make it look so very easy!  Any other "Going Vegan's" out there? Any helpful suggestions? We are still so new to this, could use any help! Thanks, Kerri ;)

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