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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Left Over's!!

This day and age we are all running around with our heads cut off! Even our children seem to be too busy most days; from what is scheduled at school to increasing activity in their social lives! Having 3 kids makes this family very busy!!

For example, not only did we have 1 sleep over party Friday night with 4 additional kids; we had another one Saturday night with only 2 additional kids. 

Breakfast is always in the bag as I make our traditional Betty Crocker pancakes but now Vegan style with substituting eggs with either apple sauce or banana's and milk with Almond milk. So delicious!

But dinner, is another matter. Luckily for us the all the kids love pasta and sauce! So we made a big batch of brown rice pasta and spaghetti sauce!  They all loved it and it filled them up. 

Trevor and I have been making "Mexican dinner's" for 16 yrs every Friday and Saturday nights! Friday was taco's, with Trader Joe's beef -less beef!! So good and Saturday we were in the mood for Chili!  The best part is you can make a lot of each of anything and have left overs during a busy weekend or week. Heating up left overs for me is such a wonderful thing to do for many reasons. It helps saves on buying take out, it helps save on cooking, reheating is so much easier and it's saves on our budget by eating all we bought in the first place!

What is your favorite left over? 

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