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Monday, August 15, 2011


About 14 yrs ago I lived in England with my then boyfriend Trevor.  How cool was it to be young, single, in love, living and working in a new country!  I was definitely the "foreigner". My so called accent from "Norton, Massachusetts" was picked up on very quickly. The closest anyone could figure out where I was from was telling all I was from Boston.  Well I went to college in Boston so close enough.
I got to hear all the different British accents, eat new foods, hang at new pubs, try the local brews, drive on the "wrong side of the road" and overall just learn a new way of life in general. One of my most favorite new find was hanging out at the local pub, drinking cider and hanging out with Trevor and his friends We’d sometimes finish the evening off after all the Pubs would close with a gorgeous, piping hot Kebab!! Never had one in my life until I was 21. The kebab was so moist, so delicious, and stuffed in beautiful pita bread. With a heaping side of chips!! No wonder I gained 10 pounds in my first year living there!!

Well those animal eating days are gone, so we wanted to try and create our own Vegan Kebab!! And I think we pulled it off! We bought wheat and regular pita breads, fresh Romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, seedless cucumbers and a box of Morning Star veggie burgers. The kids are more partial to the Morning Star veggie sausages. I pan cooked the burgers and sausages. Sliced up the cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Added some Italian seasoning dressing for a little extra kick (Trevor prefers lemon juice) and well ah!! Gorgeous Vegan Kebabs!

The best part, the kids wolfed them down too. It was nice to start the dinner eager to eat and to finish with empty plates!!  We'll be making this meal quite often!! A new favorite for our kiddies as well! Hooray, we are on to a good start this week with our vegan menu


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